What makes Luna Spas systems the most hygenic available?

What makes Luna Spas systems the most hygenic available?

After use, conventional whirlpool systems trap surprising amounts of bathing water inside the jets. This provides a breeding ground for micro-organisms which are then ejected into the fresh water when the bath is used again.

Following a long and intense development programme, Luna Spas Ltd and Spa Splash have teamed up to create the entirely new Hygiene-Plus system design, the only system guaranteed to drain 99%, completely staying fresh and dry until the next use.

Spa Splash are one of Europe’s leading fluid dynamic Spas System consultancies. They have fitted systems at Clarence House and countless high profile properties across London.

With this high-tech collaboration, be reassured that Luna Spas represents the very best in world class, super hygiene whirlpool technology. The exclusive Luna Spas systems come with a range of high-flow, low noise pumps guaranteed 5 years for added peace of mind.

Why settle for yesterday’s technology? - we didn’t!

The systems presented by Luna Spas are a major step forward in whirlpool technology, using the most advanced computer-aided design to set the new world standard in hydrotherapy.

The water is drawn from the bath and forced back in through the many whirlpool jets. At the same time, air is mixed with the water jet. Using a unique process we call 'micro-mixing', millions more bubbles than ever before are forced through the jets. The result is a powerful, invigorating effervescence throughout the water. Luna Spas systems features patented jets unlike conventional round eyeballs they provide therapy that is more effective and wonderfully luxurious by covering a wider area of your body.

The special design allows the intensity of the direct flow to be adjusted, which personalises the hydrotherapy to your particular needs.

View the video below to take a look behind the scenes of one of our most trusted suppliers Spa Splash Ltd.