Trojan Orlando RH, Super Lux Offset Whirlpool Bath
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Trojan Orlando RH, Super Lux Offset Whirlpool Bath


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Bath Features

  • Beautiful smooth elegant lines have created a superb asthetically pleasing offset bath. Complemented with 1 piece panel, included.

  • Available as a 1500x1050mm bath and formed from 5.5mm LUCITE acrylic sheet. This bath is covered with a 20 year guarantee and features a 18mm encapsulated baseboard with an extra reinforcement layer delivering the ultimate in strength, rigidity and heat retention. All this ensures a quality experience, which will surpass expectations.

    The 20 Jet Super Lux Whirlpool System

  • Covered with a full and comprehensive on site 5 year guarantee. The sublime Super Lux whirlpool system consisting of 20x flush mini jets. These specific directional compact jets feature a powerful high air to water mix ratio give an intense hydro massage. Fitted in specific clusters at both the foot and back end, we arrange them to deliver soothing benefits to muscle groups and pressure points of the shoulders, lumbar and feet. The jets have a stainless steel surround and are also removable for cleaning should you require.

  • The system is controlled via a waterproof electronic touchpad mounted on the inside face of the bath. Further highlighting the superior design elements and atheistic over competitors.

  • The system is powered by a British made, high flow, energy efficient and low noise 660W pump. We only use rigid high-grade pipe work for optimum drain down and lasting quality. Luna Spas whirlpool baths are the most hygienic systems available click to find out more.

  • The system also features a child proof Safe-Flow chrome suction filter. Unlike regular filters this has been designed with total safety in mind and contains a unique safety feature which works by disengaging the water pressure within seconds of hair or body entrapment.

  • For a full description of the C-Lenda system we use for our Super Lux system please click here >> The C-Lenda System

    Luxury Options

  • Options available include the variable air spa system with power boost. This luxury option features 12 brass air spa jets countersunk into the base of the bath to give a completely flush smooth finish. These jets deliver powerful currents of preheated air gently lifting you from the base of the bath to give a feeling of weightlessness. These working in conjunction with the whirlpool jets give the best hydro massage available. The air spa can adjusted to your requirements with 3x speed settings and a massage mode. We also fit the system with a high flow flush fit diverter. Allowing the air from the air spa to be channelled through the 20x multi jet side jets, soothing increasing the blood flow to the muscles helping combat knots and fatigue.

  • Other options include upgraded body jets to the flush centro jets, these are a high performance mid sized jet with adjustable finger tip directional control. Chromotherapy LED lighting to further help sooth and relax and also an thermotherapy inline heater. This turns on when the system is switched on the keep the temperature of the water at its optimum for maximum comfort and hydrotherapy.

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