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Practical bathing tips

Simple tips to get the most out of your home spa experience include preparing for yourself for the immersive bathing experience by choosing 'me' time when you will be least distracted.and adding an essential oil, such as lavender oil,that promotes total relaxation

We will take a deeper look into getting the most out your hydro massage by looking at the following oftenoverlooked points:

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  • 1. Bathing and you

    Today, what we know as the bath or bathing has made a most notable and rapid resurgence, primarily as - a space where we can rest, recount and reconnect with ourselves – at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.

    Leisure time has never been as revered as it is nowadays. To take a regular moment of rest and relaxation allows us to re-introduce and regenerate some peace and tranquility into our everyday lives, providing the perfect retreat from an often busy and arduous day.

    For both mental and physical stability and well-being, bathing has become a key element in the homes of many modern families. For those of us with young children, the safety and comfort of a bath forms part of the bedtime routine as well as an opportunity to dwell on and take in the ups and downs of the day – emotionally, physically and mentally.

    Whether one is in the mood for a classic design, like the sumptuous like our Super Lux, or when feeling slightly more in need of an edgy, contemporary design, like the charismatic Tranquility Pool range , designer whirlpool baths have become an object of desire, that can provide immeasurable style, plenty of enjoyment and a genuine sense of refinement to the bathroom experience, for years to come. Discover our full collection of whirlpool baths here.

  • 2. Achieve serenity and peace of mind when bathing.

    Choose a time when you are unlikely to be distracted. A prolonged moment of peace and quiet should help you to relax your muscles and rejuvenate your aura, whilst letting go of the stress and strain of your daily routine. Consider adding an essential oil, such as lavender oil, to improve and increase the chance of total relaxation and to help clear your mind of bad energies, in preparation for your immersive bathing experience.

  • 3. How warm should my bath water be?

    Your bathwater should be slightly hotter than body temperature, which is roughly at 37C. Between 40C and 45C is ideal. Optimum vasodilation occurs at these temperatures and the blood vessels are more likely to open up and regulate your blood flow as well as improving circulation massively. To keep the water at this constant temperature consider fitting a thermo therapy inline heater.

    Also give consideration to the temperature of the room. The reason being, a Japanese study showed that bathing in 41C water in a 25C room increased body temperature more than taking a bath in a 14C room.

    However, if taking a bath to encourage and enhance sleep before bed, the room temperature should always be cooler, as mentioned above: 18C is ideal. Be aware that large and sudden increases in temperature put a strain on the heart. So, in practical terms, if you suffer from heart problems, avoid hot baths particularly on cold days. The sudden heating and cooling effect on our bodies by altering the body temperature should always be undertaken with the utmost care from the beginning to the end of the process.

  • 4. Safety considerations

    1) The use of your whirlpool bath will be highly beneficial to a whole host of conditions but if in doubt consult a doctor.

    2) If you are suffering from any heart, circulatory or kidney/liver disorders, or indeed if you are pregnant, it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to use.

    3) Using extreme temperatures for long periods can be detrimental to health.

    4) It is not recommended to drink large amounts of alcohol before or during a long soak in your whirlpool bath.

  • 5. Want to ask us a question?

    We appreciate there maybe a 1000 question’s you may have about how to make the most of your new ‘home spa’ whirlpool bath. Please use the below to contact us.

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