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Need your whirlpool bath specifically tailored?

Like fingerprints every bathroom is unique and has its own quirks. Unlike most manufacturers we build and tailor make every whirlpool bath to our clients exacting specification. Taking time to understand their specific needs. Well elaborate below by looking at some of the following questions people ask us.

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  • 1. I will only be able to access my bath from one side.

    In this case we always get a drawing of how the bath will be installed in to the space. We then build the bath in suh a way that all the pumps, controls etc. are positioned in a way so they are easily accessible, for maintenance purposes.

  • 2. I have a drainpipe running along the wall the bath will be fitted against.

    In this case we get an understanding of how high the drainpipe is up the wall and then make sure our rigid pipe systems do not foul against this pipe. We often make a mock up in the workshop just to check that all will work, we can make adjustments with the leg set fitted to the bath and also with how high/low we mount the whirlpool jets.

  • 3. I have pain in my neck and shoulders.

    Although we display our systems with jets in specific places, there is nothing to stop us, or you requesting, positioning the jets in a certain way. We are often in discussions with our clients about if they have any pain in there body, this can often be in the neck or the shoulders. In this case we arrange the back and neck jets sometimes adding more jets to be sure that the hydro massage is focused in on this area.

  • 4. I need to be able to access the bath using a bath hoist.

    It is no secret the health and pain relief benefits of a hydro massage whirlpool bath. And thus many of our clients look to use our baths with specific ease of access bath hoists. It should be noted that in this case, our hydro massage tubs qualify for VAT relief. When it comes to building a bath to match up with a hoist, we will move the controls to the top rim of the bath and also make sure the jets are positioned in such a way as to not foul with any of the hoist mechanism.