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What is the Jet Fill system and how does it work?

Put simply the Jet Fill system is made up of a one-way valve that allows water to fill the bath through the whirlpool jets.

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  • The Jet Fill system from Luna Spas

    We always want to offer new and exciting products. The Jet Fill is certainly one of them. This is the ideal solution to filling your bathtub. As far as we are aware we are one of the manufactures to offer this technology. Below we are going to take a more indepth look into the following; how it works, what is required to make it work and what are the benefits of having it fiited.

  • 1. How does the Jet Fill work?

    The Jet Fill works by allowing the bath to be filled through the whirlpool jets. As per the image above.

  • 2. What is required to make it work?

    Please note the Jet Fill option still requires valves to control the flow and temperature of the water that is coming through the jets. These can include deck mounted flow valves or alternatively shower valves. Please note any valves will work with the Jet Fill, they do not have to be purchased from us.

    It is worth noting that should you buy 2 separate valves such as our deck mounted valves i.e. a separate hot and a separate cold. There will need to be two pipes coming coming from the flow valves which will need to go through a T-piece before it can join on to the single brass one way valve of the Jet Fill system. If you are using a shower valve, for example, the hot and cold will leave the valve mixed and so there will only be one pipe to run from the valve to the Jet Fill. The pipes and T piece are not supplied with the Jet Fill
  • 3. What are the benefits of having the Jet Fill?

    There are many benefits to having the Jet Fill installed on your whirlpool bath. The main benefits include, fast filling of the bath and also after cleaning, its nice to be able to run fresh water through the system to rinse it.