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Different types of bathroom tap explained

Traditional Tap Shower Mixer

If you are considering some new taps in your bathroom, perhaps as a whole-room refurbishment or just to freshen up your space, it’s important you understand the differences between types of bathroom tap so you make the right choice. For example, you’ll usually find that taps suitable for a bath are not the same size […]

How to fit a basin mixer tap: A step-by-step guide

A chrome plated bathroom single lever mixer tap

Though fitting a full bathroom suite is a job you’ll want to get a professional in to do, if you’ve got a bit of DIY and plumbing experience, then fitting a mixer tap to the basin in your bathroom is a job you can do relatively easily. In this article, we’ll go through the simple […]

How to fit a bathroom sink

Wall-mounted basin and toilet

It’s good to know how to install a sink in your bathroom regardless of whether it’s a brand new basin or if you’re replacing an old one. It’s not the most complicated of tasks but it is important to get it right so that you know you’ve done it correctly so you have the confidence […]

Types of bathroom sink: choosing the best sink materials

Classic metal Bathroom Sink

Getting the right sink or basin for your bathroom or ensuite can be a real challenge, especially because there’s so much choice available these days. A basin is a prominent part of the bathroom and is one of the main features that will be noticed as soon as anyone enters the room, so it’s important […]

Power Shower vs Electric Shower – What’s the difference?

A shower turned on with water cascading

It’s very common for people to question whether it’s better to have a power or electric shower installed in their bathrooms. With the seemingly unending increases of energy bills, we naturally want to make sure we are being as efficient as possible without sacrificing the quality of our showering experience. In this article we’ll look […]

How to play music in your bathroom

A man singing in the shower

One of the best ways to add an extra layer of relaxation to our bathroom experience is by putting on some music. Whether it’s to listen to your favourite artist or you simply want some soothing background noise, having a reliable way to incorporate sound and music is a fantastic addition to the bathroom. In […]

How to design your bathroom layout

A corner bath by Luna Spas

By considering these simple steps and ideas, you’ll feel confident about redesigning your bathroom, no matter how large or small. There are a wide range of reasons why you might want to make plans for redesigning your bathroom, from increasing the value of your home to updating a space that has become very tired and […]

5 bathroom makeover ideas

Stunning white and minimalist bathroom

Bathrooms are high-traffic places and normally get used multiple times per day. For this reason it’s no wonder that our bathrooms are the most renovated and redecorated rooms in our home. We want them to be very functional, up to date and look aesthetically pleasing so that we can relax and make the most of […]

The importance of bathroom ventilation

A bathroom extractor fan

The bathroom is a place that can get very hot and steamy, making air circulation and ventilation incredibly important. Moist and stagnant air is a recipe for mould and mildew, so ensuring this air can escape and be replaced with fresh, drier air helps keep your bathroom running smoothly. In a lot of bathrooms, an […]

Difference between left hand and right hand bathtubs

A left and right hand bath next to each other

One of the most common ways we like to maximise the use of space in a bathroom with limited floor area is by installing a shower-bath. These beautiful inventions allow us the convenience of having all the luxury of a full bath while maintaining the convenience of a shower. If you don’t have space for […]