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A quick guide to help you plan a new bathroom

An old bathroom & toilet

The cost of a new bathroom can vary. The average bathroom costs around £3,000, but costs can vary from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands for an all-singing, all-dancing large bathroom with luxury fittings. You can find a cheap bathroom suite for as little as £250 – £300, but then there are all the accessories […]

How to choose the right kind of bathroom flooring

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Apart from when you clean it you probably never consider your bathroom floor. Why would you? If you were to draw up a list of important things for the bathroom it’s likely the flooring would come near the bottom. When updating your bathroom you may even forget about the floor completely. Admittedly, compared to the […]

Create a feeling of glamour in your bathroom

Retro bathroom

Just a few short years ago The Great Gatsby seemed to be everywhere. There was a new film version of the book that came out directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan. Newspapers and magazines were tripping over themselves with features on how you could re-create the Gatsby style in your home. […]

How to create an amazing spa-style bathroom

Freestanding bath with view

There is nothing like a nice spa break to a posh hotel somewhere in the countryside to recharge those batteries. Wouldn’t it be great if you could check in to your own bathroom and give yourself that spa-like tonic every day? Turning that dreary bathroom in to a sparkling spa will not be as difficult […]