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Top Tips For Saving Water In Your Home

Water droplets

Knowing how to save water is an important skill to put into practise all year  round, regardless of whether it’s a scorching summer or a wash-out winter. Saving water in and around your home will not only help the environment but will reduce your water bills if you are on a water meter. Here are […]

Bathroom heating and lighting ideas for your home

Bathroom Lighting

Have you got the bathroom blues? Is it all a bit cold and dim in your wet room? If the answer is ‘yes’ it may be time to brighten up your bathroom. Maybe it is too bright in your bathroom and you want to make your lighting more ambient. You may also want to make […]

A few cheap ways to improve your home


All you have to do is to turn on the TV news and you will be bombarded with bad news about the economy. ‘Doom. Gloom. Brexit. Inflation. Sterling plummets. FTSE100 record lows.’ You get the idea. Don’t panic though. You will be pleased to know that you can still improve your home without ending up […]

How we use much more water than we think in Britain

Save water

A recent water saving research campaign by a bathroom manufacturer revealed that people use an average of five times the amount of water than they realise, despite 81% of Brits expressing that they are conscious about their water usage. This article will show some of the information from that survey and why it is so important […]