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Space saving ideas for your bathroom

A bathroom sink

If you’ve ever stayed in a capsule-style hotel that are popular in Japan, you’ve probably been amazed at the incredible use of space in size a tiny area. Practical design and a bit of imagination can make something that has the potential to feel claustrophobic into something that feels massive….or more spacious, at least! This […]

Finding a Comfortable Bathtub for Your Home

A fully dressed couple sat in a yellow bathtub in a yellow room

If you are going to the time and effort of installing a luxury bath in your home, then it’s important that you get a bath that will provide comfort for you and your family for years to come. Things like body position, neck support and space are all things to think about when considering which […]

How to paint a bathtub

A freestanding bathtub

If you don’t want to go to the expense of installing a new bathroom suite, then giving your bathtub a lick of paint is a cost-effective way of breathing new life into your bathroom. Bathtubs are most commonly made from acrylic and enamel, though can also be made from plastic, steel or porcelain. All of […]

How to measure water pressure

Water coming out of a tap into a glass

Water pressure is the measure of how much force it takes to push water from the mains supply and into the pipework that runs around your home. The most common time we notice water pressure is when it is particularly low. This manifests itself in water trickling out of taps or shower leaving you unable […]