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Bath vs showers: what uses more water?

A shower turned on with water cascading

It’s commonly assumed that baths waste far more water than a shower and that a shower is the more water efficient way of washing yourself. However is this true? In this article, we will look at whether a bath or a shower uses more water. How many litres of water are used? Baths A typical […]

How to replace whirlpool bath jet covers

Led lighting in a whirlpool bath

As with anything that gets a lot of use, your whirlpool bath will need some general upkeep and maintenance performed on it from time to time. This will extend the life of your bath ensuring you can enjoy it stress free for years to come. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove and […]

What is the standard bath size?

Grey bathroom

When considering what type of new bathroom suite to install in your bathroom, one of the most common questions is regarding the correct size of bath tub for your bathroom. Because baths are available in quite a few different dimensions, you may think there is not a standard, or normal size. However, just because you […]