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Common bath problems and how to fix them

Double Ended Bath

There are occasions when an issue may arise with your spa bath. While it can be annoying, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an expensive job that can only be done by a professional. In many cases bath problems can be a simple fix and in this article we look at the most […]

How to install and replace a bath waste

Bath waste and overflow

The bath waste is the part responsible for the safe drainage of your bath once you let the plug out. It is also connected to the overflow which allows excess water to flow away if the plug is in and the bath is filled up too much. Sometimes the bath waste can corrode and start […]

How to fit and install a bath screen

A bath screen on a p shaped bath

Many people have baths at home and would like to install a bath screen to stop water from making a mess outside the bath when they have a shower. However, a lot are put of by not having the knowledge of how to fit a bath screen themselves. In this article, we’ll run you through […]

Best plants to keep in your bathroom

A spider plant indoors

In a day and age where more and more of us are living in urban areas where outside space is at a premium, it’s a great idea to consider having indoor plants. Plants help with purifying the air, giving us a great sense of wellbeing and connection with nature. They also look great from an […]