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Everything you need to know about Epsom bath salts

Epsom bath salt grains

Epsom bath salts grow ever more popular as a way to make baths as relaxing as possible. In this article we answer the top questions about Epsom bath salts to give people clarity and the confidence to use them correctly. 1. What are Epsom bath salts made of? Epsom Salt is the common name of […]

Best bath options for assisted bathing

A bathroom featuring an easy access bath with door

For anyone with mobility limitations who needs assistance with bathing, it’s very important to get something functional and comfortable. However, there’s no reason why an easy-access bath shouldn’t be stylish as our suggestions below make evident. If choosing a bath on behalf of someone who needs it, it’s always important to be sensitive to their […]

4 small baths for very small bathrooms

A small white bath with candles, cup of coffee and a book

Here at Luna Spas, we recognise that everyone’s bathing needs are different. This is why we try and offer a large range of luxury whirlpool baths that cater for all sorts of needs, no matter how large or small. Many bath suppliers have fallen into the trap of thinking big is better and have started […]