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How to make a small bathroom feel bigger

A backlit mirror above a basin in a bathroom

Though we all love the idea of a huge family bathroom, it’s not always possible in the modern world. Many of us have small family bathrooms in our homes or perhaps have taken an area from a bedroom to squeeze in an ensuite so are struggling a bit of space. In this article, we’ll suggest […]

Does colour therapy work?

Coloured fabrics

Chromotherapy (therapy by colour) has long been in practise and actually dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. While many argue about it’s basis in science, there’s no doubt that many of us can feel the relaxing and de-stressing benefits of certain colours. Most of us like to make use of a calming, […]

Adapting a bathroom for the elderly

A bathroom featuring an easy access bath with door

An easily-accessible bathroom is vital for dignity and having a high standard of life, so adapting a bathroom for use by an elderly person is an important issue to get rght. Being comfortable and safe are incredibly important in a bathroom designed for an older person, so in this article we’ll discuss several of the […]

Tips to instantly relieve stress

A woman relaxing in a pool

Whether it’s due to work, social isolation or something else, it’s important for our long term physical and mental health to know how to get rid of stress quickly and easily. Being able to step away from a stressful situation and indulge in a hobby is an incredibly powerful way to stay happy and healthy. […]

Recreating the spa experience at home

A red rose on top of some white towels in a nicebathroom

With more homeowners expecting more bathrooms per house than ever before, adding a new bathroom is now recommended by estate agents as one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and to make it more attractive to potential buyers. The bathroom is no longer simply a place to get washed and […]