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Can you use bath salts in whirlpool tubs?

Epsom bath salt grains

You can use pink Himalayan salts, Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts in whirlpool tubs. These are lovely salts to add to any whirlpool bath and will really help you to feel relaxed. It’s a very common question that we receive on whether it’s ok to use bath salts in our luxury whirlpool baths and […]

What makes a good bathroom for couples?

His and hers sign

When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom for the two of you, it’s important that you create something that suits both of you. When you move in for the first time with your partner, you might find that your stylistic tastes differ much more than you might have thought. Therefore, the ability to communicate […]

Found a leak in the bathroom? Here’s what to do

Water leaking from a burst pipe

If you’ve discovered a leak in your bathroom then it’s very important to identify the source and deal with it quickly. Leaks do not tend to go away on their own and small leaks can quickly turn into big leaks, with water damage often proving very costly to repair. Often, the first time a bathroom […]

Modern master bathroom ideas and inspiration

A beautiful freestanding bath under a window surrounded by plants

Your main bathroom is an incredibly important room and is an area of your home where you spend a huge amount of time. It’s a unique place that serves the dual purpose of getting to ready to face the world and your personal space to retreat from the stresses and strains of every day life. […]