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How to replace a thermostatic shower valve yourself

A thermostatic shower valve

If you’ve got a few tools and have had a go at a bit of plumbing work in the past before, then replacing a thermostatic shower valve is not the most difficult DIY job to carry out. In this article, we’ll run you through the steps of replacing an exposed shower valve. If you’ve got […]

How to fix a leaky shower

A shower turned on with water cascading

A shower that is dripping water can be a really irritating problem. If it’s occurring in an en-suite and can be heard when you’re trying to sleep, that irritation increases tenfold. Not only is it costing you money in wasted water, it could also be costing you in terms of sleep and mental wellbeing. There […]

5 ways to save water with an eco-friendly bathroom

A stylish mixer tap and white bathroom basin

It’s estimated that the average person in the UK uses around 140 litres of water per day, which may come as a surprise to many of you reading this. We’re often guilty of taking our water supplies for granted, whether it be for drinking or washing so perhaps it’s no surprise that our individual water […]