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Can you wallpaper a bathroom?

Rainforest bathroom wallpaper

Getting the decor right in your bathroom is a very important job because it’s somewhere that you’ll be spending a lot of time and a place you want to feel relaxed. While wallpaper fell out of fashion for a while, it’s now back with a vengeance and there’s no reason you can’t use it in […]

Creating a low maintenance bathroom

A woman relaxing in a bubble bath

Because we use the bathroom so much, it’s inevitable that it will need cleaning more often than other rooms in the house. As cleaning the bathroom is unlikely to spark joy in many people, we’ve written this article on creating a bathroom that is low maintenance and requiring as little cleaning as possible. Bathroom wall […]

Top 5 bathroom accessories for your wishlist

If you’ve just redecorated or you’re thinking about giving your bathroom a freshen-up, one of the easiest ways to take your interior design plan to the next level is by adding in some funky accessories. Luna bath pillow Luna chrome bath grips Bathroom and sink accessory set Ladder storage shelf unit Wooden anti-slip floor mat […]

How do thermostatic shower valves work?

A thermostatic shower valve

Thermostatic shower valves are becoming more and more popular as people seek to increase control over their shower and get the maximum comfort possible. In this article we’ll explain exactly what a thermostatic shower valve is and how it works. What is a thermostatic shower? Rather than a regular shower where you have to adjust […]

Tips for bathrooms without windows

Reading in the bath with candles

With an increase in squeezing in toilets and en-suites for use in the home, it’s very likely that you have some sort of bathroom that doesn’t have a window. While finding room for this extra bathroom provides a huge amount of benefits, a windowless bathroom does come with challenges that you need to keep an […]

Does bathroom paint stop mould?

Shower Mould

Because of the amount of moisture in the air caused by bathing, showering and washing, your bathroom is the most likely room in your house to suffer from mould. This article looks at whether painting your bathroom can stop mould from forming. Anti-mould paint It is possible to buy a type of paint that contains […]

Bathroom Paint and Colour Schemes 2020

Some paint rollers applying different colours to a wall

By introducing colour and texture, your bathroom no longer needs to look cold and uninviting. Adding bold splashes of colour to your bathroom adds extra interest and depth and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are creating a new bathroom as more manufacturers are launching products which feature eye-catching colours. Here is […]

How to make the most of odd shaped bathrooms

Inspirational white bathroom with patterned tiles Bathroom | ArchiLovers.com

When it comes to bathrooms, not all are created equal. Bathrooms and en-suites are often squeezed into houses to provide extra convenience, but this is often done at the expense of space. There can sometimes be special cases where you have to plan your bathroom design and layout around a oddly-shaped room. In this article […]

Limescale build-up in your bath and how to remove it

A bath with limescale built up inside

If you live in certain areas of the UK, then limescale forming in your bath can be an annoying problem that you may want to deal with. In this article, we’ll look at what limescale is and some methods of getting rid of it from your bath. What is limescale? If you’ve ever seen a […]

How to unblock a bathroom drain

A dirty plug hole in a bathroom

Our bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in our home so it’s inevitable that the shower or basic drain is going to need unclogging from time to time. As well as obvious things like hair and flakey skin, other things that can get washed down the drain include make up, moisturiser, hair wax and […]