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10 inspirational bathrooms from around the world

Inspirational white bathroom with patterned tiles Bathroom | ArchiLovers.com

In this post we’ve collated some outrageously beautiful bathrooms from around the world. These have obviously been designed by excellent architects and interior designers, using the highest quality materials.

And while these beautiful bathroom examples might seem unrealistic and out of reach for many, we hope that they provide some inspiration for your own homes, helping you design your own slice of paradise in your bathroom, however big or small they might be.

All photo credits to ArchiLovers.com

1. The Box from Riccione, Italy

Inspirational Italian Bathroom | archilovers.com

2. J50 from Milan, Italy

Inspirational Milan Bathroom | archilovers.com

3. am Hoffmannager from Sarentino, Italy

Inspirational Sarentino Bathroom | archilovers.com

4. Breathing Houses from Taipei, Taiwan

Inspirational Taiwanese Bathroom | archilovers.com

5. Anston Architectural from Melbourne, Australia

Inspirational Melbourne Bathroom | archilovers.com

6. WI1 from Katowice, Poland

Inspirational Polish Bathroom | archilovers.com

7. Little Albion Guesthouse from Sydney, Australia

Inspirational Sydney Bathroom | archilovers.com

8. City Hub from Rotterdam, Netherlands

Inspirational Rotterdam Bathroom | archilovers.com

9. Soft Loft bathroom from Moldova

Inspirational Moldova Bathroom | archilovers.com

10. Mediterraneo from Ibiza, Spain

Inspirational Ibiza Bathroom | archilovers.com


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