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10 stunning bathroom designs to inspire you

Bathroom at Sculpture of Materials, Taiwan

When your searching for ideas to create you own little oasis at home, it usually helps to take a look at a variety of designer bathrooms to help give you some inspiration.

Here we’ve provided some images of amazing bathrooms from all over the world to give you some ideas for your bathroom.

Of course, many of these are designed by architects for luxury hotels or designer buildings, however each bathroom has elements of stylishness that you can incorporate into your bathroom, wetroom, ensuite or cloakrooms.

All photo credits to ArchiLovers.com

1. Blique by Nobis – Stockholm, Sweden

Bathroom at Blique by Nobis - Stockholm, Sweden.

2. The Hide Hotel Flims – Flims, Switzerland

Bathroom at The Hide Hotel Flims - Flims, Switzerland.

3. GVLE – Mexico City, Mexico

Bathroom at GVLE - Mexico City, Mexico

4. The Room – Barcelona, Spain

Bathroom at The Room - Barcelona, Spain

5. Mermaid Beach Residence – Gold Coast, Australia

Bathroom at Mermaid Beach Residence - Gold Coast, Australia

6. Minimal Mine – Kiev, Ukraine

Bathroom at Minimal Mine - Kiev, Ukraine

7. River Stone – Kiev, Ukraine

Bathroom at River Stone - Kiev, Ukraine

8. Palacio de Santo Catarina – Lisbon, Portugal

Bathroom at Palacio de Santo Catarina - Lisbon, Portugal

9. Ai Maestri – Matera, Italy

Bathroom at Ai Maestri - Matera, Italy

10. Hotel Schgaguler – Castelrotto, Italy

Bathroom at Hotel Schgaguler - Castelrotto, Italy


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