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5 Simple Bathroom DIY Ideas

White bathroom with wooden flooring

If you’re planning a complete remodelling of your bathroom, then this is a job for a professional. They will be able to give advice on what you need, how you can lay it out and do the actual work for you.

However, if you’re on a budget or fancy getting your hands dirty yourself, there are some things that you can do to improve your bathroom without spending out on a pro.

1. Replace metal fixtures

If your bathroom is feeling a bit worn down and tired, a very simple way to smarten things up is to replace things like taps and shower heads.

Nice new taps on a bath and basin can do wonders for the look of a bathroom. Getting taps that match can bring a sense of organisation and style to the room, improving the design without a whole lot of effort.

Taps are very easy to install and don’t require a great deal of plumbing knowledge. You can always view videos on YouTube for extra help with how to do it.

New shower heads are very easy to install and can make a huge difference to the style of your bathroom. Not only will it look better but you may also find that water flows out of the shower much more freely, especially if you live in a hard water area where limescale has clogged your old one.

Changing toilet roll holders, non-plumbed towel rails and shampoo holders are also a simple DIY job that can make your bathroom look better.

2. Clean your bathroom

A very easy thing you can do yourself in your bathroom to make it look better is to simply give it a really good clean.

Not to suggest that your bathroom is generally unclean, but over the months and years, dirt and grime can build up in all sorts of hard to reach places such as behind the toilet, in grouting, around the base of taps and shampoo/shower gel storage areas.

If possible, take everything out of your bathroom so you’ve got clutter-free surfaces and give everything a really good clean. Use a gentle bathroom cleaner and a limescale remover if necessary. (This process can often help with getting rid of old bottles of shampoos and shower gels that you no longer use.)

Clean the walls, the base of the toilet, around the plug hole, the inside of toothbrush holders, the bath panel, the window sill, the inside of a cabinet – all the places that don’t always get touched during a generic clean.

Once you’ve finished, your whole bathroom will just look cleaner and smarter, giving it a new lease of life. Almost feeling like you’ve got a new bathroom, but using effort rather than money.

3. Replace all fabrics and materials

Look around your bathroom at anything made of material and see if you think your bathroom could improved by replacing any of it.

These things include towels, bath mats, shower curtains and blinds, all of which can get dirty and worn over time and make your bathroom a bit shabby.

Using matching patterns and colours across all these items can help to bring a bathroom together, improving the style and helping to give the impression you’ve sent more than you actually have.

4. Do some wall or floor tiling

A slightly more advanced DIY task than the ones previously mentioned, however, tiling your bathroom is perfectly possible as long as you are patient and leave plenty of time to do it.

Of course you are not going to be as fast and efficient as a professional tiler, but doing it yourself will save you a lot pf money and can make a huge difference, especially if you have a small bathroom.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials explaining how to retile a wall or a floor of a bathroom, but it’s important to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the task. Rushing tiling will only end up with you doing a sub-standard job and having wonky tiles that will drive you mad.

Take your time, do a good job and you’ll have completed a very satisfying DIY job that transforms your bathroom.

5. Paint your bathroom

Bust out your old sheets and invest in a bit of masking tape and you can do another DIY task that has the power to transform your bathroom.

In a room that is often very damp, the paintwork can often become dull and water marked due to frequent condensation.

Depending on your taste and the size of your bathroom, you can either choose to give a fresh coat of the same colour, or even opt to have a feature wall and paint it a bright colour.

Doing this will instantly brighten and smarten up your bathroom without too much expense or effort. If you’ve opted for a colour wall then than will only increase the transformation.


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