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How to Add Traditional Elegance to the Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom

Full of character and charm, the popularity of the traditional look shows no sign of fading, and its timeless elegance works superbly in the bathroom.

Freestanding roll top baths, decorative basins, and classic taps are perfect for adding traditional elegance and look stylish whether you live in a period home or not.

Here we share our ideas on how to add traditional elegance to the bathroom.

  • Choose your style
  • Keep it modern
  • Invest in antiques
  • Complete the look
  • Create a feature
  • Top style tips

Choose your style

Fittings are available in both Edwardian and Victorian styles and they are easy to source too.

Art Deco is also seeing a rise in popularity in the bathroom, and with its geometric shapes and stepped-edge profiles, it provides a great way to create a decadent and glamorous look.

Keep it modern

Adding traditional elegance to your bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to source antiques as there are an array of modern reproductions available.

You can still add a modern twist on the traditional look by opting for water-saving fittings, power showers and easy to clean finishes in order to achieve an elegant yet practical bathroom.

Invest in antiques

For those who would prefer to create an authentic traditional bathroom consider visiting salvage yards and restoration specialists for original pieces.

It’s quite likely that you will pay more for antique fittings and it’s also worth bearing in mind that they may not suit modern pipework, so make sure to seek advice from a professional first.

Complete the look

The key to completing the traditional look comes down to your choice of finishes and materials.

Heritage paint colours and replica tiles, especially brick-style tiles are perfect for the traditional style.

To enhance the look further introduce floral patterns, which can be in the form of wallpaper or tiles, for a more decorative touch.

Create a feature

A roll top freestanding bath should be at the top of your list when creating a traditional style bathroom as it provides the space with a beautiful focal point.

Also, explore different levels and consider adding a step in a large bathroom to highlight a freestanding bath.

It’s also a good idea to tile areas that you want to draw attention to, such as a decorative basin or a stylish shower enclosure.

Top style tips

• Wooden floorboards are perfect for creating a classic look and showing off traditional elements.

• For added luxury fit underfloor heating under a tiled floor, this will ensure the floor dries quickly and creates a cosy feel.

• Combine old and new fittings for a bathroom that’s full of character.

• Fit double basins to not only ease the morning rush hour but for a style statement too.

• Add period glamour with vintage-style accessories.

• Go bold by teaming a stunning bath with patterned wallpaper.


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