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Best plants to keep in your bathroom

A spider plant indoors

In a day and age where more and more of us are living in urban areas where outside space is at a premium, it’s a great idea to consider having indoor plants.

Plants help with purifying the air, giving us a great sense of wellbeing and connection with nature. They also look great from an aesthetic point of view too, adding a splash of colour to magnolia or monochrome rooms.

Plants look great in bathrooms but it’s important that you choose the right ones that can cope with the often hot and damp ‘rainforest’ conditions of a busy bathroom.

Peace lilies

A peace lily on a stand

Peace lilies are very easy to come by in the UK which is very useful because they work really well in bathrooms.

Their large leaves act as fantastic air purifiers and they can thrive without access to natural light. This is convenient for bathrooms as the bathroom is the most likely room to have minimal or no light from windows.

Peace lilies are at their healthiest when the soil is kept damp, so the humid conditions of a bathroom make them well suited to adding a bit of greenery.

Spider plants

A spider plant on a chest of drawers

Spider plants are so called because of their long, overhanging leaves that resemble the legs of a spider.

A relatively low maintenance plant, spider plants are consequently very popular for use indoors and it’s likely you’ve been to a friend’s house that has one.

Only needing to be watered a couple of times a week, they work well in bathroom conditions. They do thrive best with a bit of natural light, so if you do have a bathroom window, place it fairly near by.


A fern plant in a home office

Ferns are a very versatile plant and are popular choice for any room in the home.

There are many different varieties of fern to choose from, but if left to their own devices, they can become quite large and full. This makes them look fantastic and gives the appearance of bringing the outside in.

Ferns are commonly seen on forest floors due to the fact they survive really well in dark and wet conditions. This makes them a great plant to put in the bathroom, whether it be on a shelf, next to the bath or on a window sill.


A large indoor palm plant

A common sight in commercial offices, due to their attractiveness and air-purifying qualities, palms can also work well in bathrooms.

If you’ve only got a small bathroom, then consider the type of palm you’re buying as some varieties can get huge!

Palms are a very durable and unfussy plant, coping well with a range of different lighting conditions.

Though they can thrive in the humid conditions of a bathroom, you do need to make sure they are well watered in order to maximise their life expectancy.


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