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Can you wallpaper a bathroom?

Rainforest bathroom wallpaper

Getting the decor right in your bathroom is a very important job because it’s somewhere that you’ll be spending a lot of time and a place you want to feel relaxed.

While wallpaper fell out of fashion for a while, it’s now back with a vengeance and there’s no reason you can’t use it in your bathroom, as long as you do it correctly.

Accent wall

Making a feature or accent wall is a great way to utilise wallpaper in your bathroom.

People often opt for a minimalist style to ensure their bathroom gives off an air of cleanliness and organisation, so adding coloured or patterned wall paper to one wall or area will provide a great contrast and look fantastic.

Wallpaper adhesive has improved greatly over the years but if you are considering putting it on a wall, then try and get splash-proof wallpaper which should be a little longer lasting.

Framed wallpaper

If you are unsure about putting up wallpaper in a room that typically gets hot and humid, then consider getting a small piece and framing it like some wall art.

You’ll be able to create a focal point to break up the monotony of the smooth crisp lines, but without the worry of the wallpaper peeling or rapidly looking scruffy.

Wallpaper border

Another alternative to putting up sheets of wallpaper to create contrast in your bathroom is the use of borders.

A well-placed border, such as around mirrors, doors or windows, is a really good way of inserting colour or pattern into your bathroom.

Borders are fairly inexpensive to buy and pretty easy to install but can make a huge difference in the aesthetic impact of your room.

Is it a good idea?

As long as you aren’t replacing tiles in the shower with wallpaper, then there’s no reason you can’t introduce some into your bathroom.

If you are placing it strategically, then wallpaper could be a fantastic way of adding some personal style to your bathroom and making it different from the usual monochrome style that many choose to go for.

Being aware that wallpaper in a bathroom might not last quite as long as your tiles and paintwork before needing to be refreshed is sensible, but if this isn’t of concern then adding wallpaper into your bathroom could certainly be a good idea.


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