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Common bath problems and how to fix them

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There are occasions when an issue may arise with your spa bath. While it can be annoying, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an expensive job that can only be done by a professional.

In many cases bath problems can be a simple fix and in this article we look at the most common bath problems that you can sort out yourself.

1. Bathtub draining slowly

It can be quite demoralising to get out of a nice relaxing bath, pull the plug and look back a few moments later to that the bathwater is disappearing very slowly, or sometimes not at all.

A slow-draining bathtub is often due to a build up of hair, skin and dirt in the waste or trap of the bath.

A simple way of shifting any blockage is to use a plunger over the waste and press and pull a few times. Ensure there is a little bit of water in the bath, otherwise you won’t get the necessary suction to move the blockage.

Plunging may cause the blockage to shift and actually come up into the bath. If this happens, make sure it doesn’t go back down the plug hole and dispose of it in the bin.

You can also pour some thick bleach (or vinegar and baking soda) down the plug hole and allow it to slowly trickle down for about 20 minutes. Follow up by running some water and see if it is now draining ore quickly.

2. Bath mixer tap leaking

The most common problem with a bath mixer tap is water leaking. Most mixer taps contain a ceramic cartridge and a leak is often the result of a damaged or worn cartridge.

Taking the cartridge with you to a plumbers merchant will help them identify a replacement for you. If not, it might be worth considering getting a new mixer tap.

3. Whirlpool bath jets not working

If the jets in your whirlpool bath have suddenly stopped working, it might be that the water intake has become blocked with hair, skin or dirt.

If you believe this to be the case then switch off your whirlpool bath and take off the intake cover.

You can then clean the intake with an old toothbrush and some mild detergent. Remove any obvious blockages, no matter how disgusting the material may be, and give it a good rinse.

Replace the cover, switch on the whirlpool bath and check that the jets are functioning again.

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