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How to install a sleek and contemporary wetroom

Wetroom shower

A wet-room is very often found in an ultra-modern hotel and it’s the ideal way to create a very sleek, streamlined bathroom in your own home.

If you are considering refurbishing your bathroom to include an open plan wet-room make sure that it will make the best use of space.

What is a wet-room?

A true wet-room features an open plan space that is made completely water-tight (or tanked) and has the water draining away through a drain in the shower area, this means the floor is all one level.

If the bathroom has enough space the wet-room is usually open plan with no glass screens to form an enclosure.

A wet-room is also perfectly suited to those who are less-mobile as it offers very easy access in and out of the shower.

The shower area in a wet-room doesn’t have to be restricted to the corner, think about installing it in the middle of the bathroom so it creates a more striking feature.

Is a wet-room suitable for me?

An open plan wet room

Installing a wet-room can help to create a very light and airy space and is ideal for making the most of a reasonably sized bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom everything is likely to get covered in water every time you have a shower, so it may be worth considering installing a wet-room glass screen to protect items such as loo roll and towels from getting splashed.

If you want a quick and inexpensive bathroom refurbishment installing a wet-room may not be the ideal solution as the whole bathroom will need to be made watertight or tanked, this in itself is costly.

It is recommended that you hire a professional bathroom fitter to carry out the installation work to ensure it is leak proof and trouble free.

Is my bathroom suitable for wet-room installation?

The wet-room decking and membrane are suitable for both concrete and wooden floors.

If possible it is better if the wet-room can be installed into the floor; this prevents you from ending up with a bathroom floor that is at a higher level than the floor outside.

It is important that your bathroom floor is very sturdy as any movements within the floor could possibly cause a leak or a crack in the tiling.

A wet-room is very easy to keep clean, but you may need to clean it more regularly as the entire area will get covered in water every time you shower.

A wet-room provides a very contemporary look, making it more suited to a new build or a modern home.

How should I design my wet-room?

Design your wet-room so that your towels and any furniture are shielded away from the shower and also ensure that the lighting is waterproof.

Including a wet-room glass screen is a great way to protect items in the room from getting covered in water, but still provides a very sleek and minimal look.

A wet-room glass screen can be installed on its own or combined with another panel to form more of an enclosed area.

What flooring is best to use in a wet-room?

a wetroom with dark tiling

Tiles are best suited to a wet-room, make sure you carefully research which ones to use.

For a spa-style look to your wet-room limestone is perfect, but it does need to be sealed to prevent water stains.

Black stone tiles create a very dramatic look but they can show up limescale, so will require regular cleaning. Ceramic tiles are a very affordable option and come in a range of sizes and finishes.


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