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The most common bathroom sink questions

Classic metal Bathroom Sink

In this article we’ll answer some of the most common questions we hear when it comes to bathroom sinks and basins.

Though very under-appreciated and seldom-discussed, bathroom sinks are used multiple times every single day, so it”s important that we understand more about them!

Is bathroom sink water safe to drink?

In general it’s best to avoid drinking water from the taps in your bathroom. This water is fine for brushing your teeth and washing your face, but swallowing it should really be avoided.

The reason is that, unlike fresh water from the taps in your kitchen, water that comes out of the taps in your bathroom sink has probably been hanging around the plumbing system of your home for a while. This leaves it susceptible to all sorts of contaminants from dust and dirt to more unsavoury possibilities like dead vermin or bird droppings.

What are bathroom sinks made of?

The most common bathroom sink material is a white ceramic or enamel-coated cast iron. These are very durable, affordable and easy to clean, making these materials a very popular choice.

However, bathroom sinks can also be made of resin, glass, stone or cast iron. Which choice you make for yours will naturally depend on budget, practicality and personal preference.

What height should a bathroom sink be from the floor?

The standard height of a bathroom sink should be in the region of 800mm and definitely no higher than 900mm.

A stylish mixer tap and white bathroom basin

How far should a bathroom sink be from the edge of the counter?

When installing your bathroom sink, it’s important to place it correctly so that you don’t have to lean to far over it in order to wash your face or your hands. Leaving about 100mm between the front of the sink and the edge of the vanity countertop should be sufficient.

It’s also important to leave enough space behind the sink to allow taps to be comfortably mounted, not leaning too far into the sink or not reaching far enough into the sink.


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