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Tips to instantly relieve stress

A woman relaxing in a pool

Whether it’s due to work, social isolation or something else, it’s important for our long term physical and mental health to know how to get rid of stress quickly and easily.

Being able to step away from a stressful situation and indulge in a hobby is an incredibly powerful way to stay happy and healthy.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some easy ways for your to instantly relieve stress so that you’re feeling more comfortable and relaxed for the challenges ahead.

Do some yoga

Two women practicing yoga

While going to a yoga studio is a great way of getting out, meeting new people and having someone someone to follow, in recent times this hasn’t been possible.

There are a wide variety of yoga instructional videos online allowing you to choose your level, mood and even which part of your body you’d like to concentrate on.

Yoga can be a really therapeutic way of relieving stress, plus you’ll be increasing your flexibility and making use of muscles that might not otherwise get a workout.


A woman meditating by water

If you mention ‘meditation’ to some people, they may well think it is something that can only be done at sunrise in Tibet. However, for those that have tried it, you will know that this is certainly not the case and can be done anywhere.

You can feel the benefits of meditation in less than 10 minutes per day and you can do it sat on the floor or on your sofa. The act of taking ten minutes out of your day to breath deeply and clear your mind without looking at a phone or TV can be amazingly beneficial.

There are a range of videos and apps available that can help you meditate in a way that suits you. Silence, mood music or guided mediation are all options available to you and it’s worth trying a couple to see which you like best and feel the benefits.

Regular exercise

A man jogging on a road

Raising your heart rate and getting the blood circulating around your body by doing some regular exercise is a great method for destressing.

Going out for a walk or a jog offers a good opportunity for thinking and causes your body to release endorphins which help you feel more positive and like you’ve achieved something with your day.

Because more of us are spending longer and longer sat at a desk in front of our computers, making time to get up and get some fresh air everyday is important for our mental and physical wellbeing. It tends to increase our productivity too!

Take a hot bath

A woman relaxing in a bath

One of the simplest ways to ease stress is by getting into a nice hot bath. The build up of closing the door and watching the hot water slowly filling the tub is a fantastic way to start.

Adding some essential oils to proceedings will also open up your sense of smell and get your nostrils flaring in anticipation.

Gently lowering yourself into the hot water, laying back and enjoying the sensation will instantly relax you and allow you to forget about any stresses the day has brought. Your muscles and joints may well also benefit from being immersed in the hot water.


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