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View all of our luxury whirlpool bath brands

Luxury Whirlpool Bath Brand Logos

We’ve made it much easier to navigate the Luna Spas website and have consolidated all of our whirlpool bath brands onto one handy page. Having been an online retailer of luxury baths since 2003, we are experienced in dealing with the best manufacturers and ensure we only supply the best tubs available. As well as […]

10 of the most amazing bathrooms in existence

Stunning white and minimalist bathroom

Because your bathroom is one of, if not the, most used rooms in your house, it’s important to make it as comfortable and luxurious as you can sensibly afford within your budget. The bathroom should be a place to relax, where you can escape from the pressures of everyday life and feel free to indulge […]

11 Inspirational Pantone Rooms Worldwide

Pantone Coloured Room

In this article we’ve combined a selection of our favourite rooms from all different types of environments around the world. Each room has a fantastic and imaginative Pantone colour scheme going on, using a variety of different shades to create unique moods and atmospheres. Although many of these settings may seem a little dream-like and […]

6 amazing ‘before & after’ bathroom images

Smart black and white bathroom

If you are not particularly creatively minded then the prospect of redesigning your bathroom can be a bit daunting. This is especially so if you have a small bathroom requiring extra use of the imagination in order to make the best use of space. In order to help you with some inspiration for your bathroom, […]

Our 4 Favourite Letter Shaped Baths

L Shaped Bath in white bathroom

Despite what you may think, whirlpool baths do not have to be rectangular and can actually come in a variety of different shapes. Whether it’s to incorporate a shower, to accommodate those with less mobility or simply to look more aesthetically pleasing, other shapes of bath are available. Often, these baths are designed in a […]

Our Top 5 Double Ended Whirlpool Baths

Double Ended Bath

Adding a luxury double-ended bath is an amazing way to add some luxury and romance into your bathroom. Because the taps and controls tend to be positioned in the centre, it means that two people can comfortably sit at either end, instantly increasing the romance factor. Of course, here at Luna Spas, we love to […]

10 inspirational bathrooms from around the world

Inspirational white bathroom with patterned tiles Bathroom | ArchiLovers.com

In this post we’ve collated some outrageously beautiful bathrooms from around the world. These have obviously been designed by excellent architects and interior designers, using the highest quality materials. And while these beautiful bathroom examples might seem unrealistic and out of reach for many, we hope that they provide some inspiration for your own homes, […]

Our Top 5 Corner Whirlpool Baths

A corner bath by Luna Spas

Adding a corner bath to your bathroom is a fantastic way to introduce some luxury and comfort into your home. Not only to the look amazing, corner baths also make the most of available space, meaning you can have a roomy bath even if your bathroom is not that large. Naturally, here at Luna Spas, […]

Our top 5 bathrooms with freestanding baths

A white freestanding bath

When imaging your dream bathroom, one of the first things that springs to mind is the romantic idea of a freestanding bath. A large, deep bath that you can relax in with a glass of wine while soaking up the suds is a must for anyone thinking about planning their new bathroom. If you do […]

A few boiler maintenance tips to keep your bathroom cosy

A wood fired burner

It is a really good idea to maintain your boiler and the best thing you can do is give it a yearly service provided by a Gas Safe registered engineer. There’s nothing worse than having to have a cold shower in the middle of winter because your boiler has stopped working and you can’t get a plumber […]