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Top Ideas For Your Perfect Family Bathroom

A family bathroom

Creating a family bathroom can be quite a challenge as you usually need to fit in more than normal to cater for all the family’s requirements. Space, storage and a bath are all important aspects of a family bathroom but making it look stylish as well as being practical can be difficult. Here are some […]

5 Frequently Asked Bathtub Questions

Grey bathroom

Choosing the right bathtub for your home is not always easy. Below we’ve included some of the most common questions we receive from people looking to purchase a bath for the first time. 1. Which bathtub is the best? This is actually a difficult question answer because there are so many different types of bath […]

Small bathroom bathtub ideas

Trojan Bath

A popular bathroom fashion in recent years has been the removal of bathtubs in favour of large showers or wet rooms, especially in small bathrooms or ensuites where space is limited. However, clever design has meant that people can now reintroduce baths into their small bathrooms and benefit from the relaxing qualities of a nice […]

Should you paint your bathroom?

Inspirational white bathroom with patterned tiles Bathroom | ArchiLovers.com

If you are on a tight budget, but your bathroom is in need of a refresh, painting your bathroom can be an economical way of updating it. If you are doing the painting then this is obviously cheaper because it doesn’t require the costs of tiles or a tradesperson to come and fit them. Additionally, […]

What Kind of Bathroom Extractor Fan do I Need?

A bathroom extractor fan

One of the main purposes for having an extractor fan in your bathroom is to get rid of bad air and to prevent mould by stopping condensation from forming. If you have a window in your bathroom then the Building Regulations don’t make it necessary, but even then you may find it beneficial to include […]

September Sale – 15% off all whirlpool baths

Luna Spas September Sale - 15% off all whirlpool baths this month. Code LUNA15

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve included everything on our site in our sale, which means everything is discounted by 15%. We’re running this offer for the entire month of September so this is your chance to finally create that beautiful home spa you’ve been dreaming of. September is actually a great time […]

How to tile your bathroom wall

Blue bathroom tiles in a shower

Tiles can make an excellent wall and floor covering for bathrooms. They’re waterproof, hard-wearing and also look really good. Although many people think that you must employ the services of a professional to tile a bathroom, in actual fact, it’s something you can do yourself. However, you must be well-organised and be prepared to take […]

Do baths help you sleep?

Laughing baby in a bath

It’s common for us to associate having a shower in the morning. It’s part of our getting ready for the day routine and we often use it to wake ourselves up. However, what about at the other end of the day? Can baths help us to unwind and relax before bedtime and actually improve our […]

Are Baths Good for You?

A woman relaxing in a bath

Throughout human history, taking a bath has been associated with health benefits. The Romans, for example, placed huge importance on bathing and built huge complexes dedicated to this beneficial ritual. The evidence of this can be seen at Pompeii and in Bath. The Romans felt that baths had massive health benefits, were a great way […]

5 Simple Bathroom DIY Ideas

White bathroom with wooden flooring

If you’re planning a complete remodelling of your bathroom, then this is a job for a professional. They will be able to give advice on what you need, how you can lay it out and do the actual work for you. However, if you’re on a budget or fancy getting your hands dirty yourself, there […]