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Common questions about bath fillers

Bath overflow filler cascading water

If you’re looking into the best way to fill up your bath, then there is some terminology that you might have found confusing.

In this article we’ll seek to clarify the situation by answering some common bath filler questions, which will hopefully give you a better understanding of the situation.

What is a bath filler tap?

A chrome bath filler tap

Bath filler taps usually consist of a hot and a cold tap connected by a crossbar, either side of the water outlet in the middle.

Traditionally, though not always, these types of taps are mounted at one end of the bath above the plughole.

Bath filler taps are the most common method of putting water in a bath and are probably the type of taps you most associate with running a bath.

What is a bath overflow filler?

A bath overfow filler dispensing water into a bath

Bath overflow fillers are connected to the waste mechanism and use that as the method for filling your bath.

On a traditional bath you will often see an overflow rose mounted at one end, usually underneath the taps above the plughole, as a way of letting water escape in case it fills up too much.

A bath overflow filler replaces the overflow rose and can also dispense water into the bath, as well as its overflow duties.

How does a bath overflow filler work?

A bath overflow filler gets rid of the need for taps as the water can be dispensed from where the overflow is on your bath.

One pipe containing the hot and cold water connects to one side of the overflow filler valve (out of sight, behind the bath), while a separate pipe connects to the waste at the bottom (just like a regular waste/overflow system).

The overflow fillers are really easy to install, with deck mounted flow valves controlling the flow of water out of the overflow filler. This provides a more streamlined and minimalist look with no taps hanging over into the bath.

Are bath overflow fillers slow?

In general, you will probably find that a bath overflow filler takes slightly longer to fill a bath than with regular taps. However, choose a good quality one and the difference will be negligible.

The main benefits of bath overflow fillers are the ease of install and the uncluttered look they give your bath.

Many people like the fact that there are no taps hanging over into the bath, opening up the possibility of using both ends of the bath. Additionally, the lack of overhanging taps is often view as a positive by parents of young children, with one less thing for them to bang their heads on.

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