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Creating A Spa-Style Bathroom

With more homeowners expecting more bathrooms per house than ever before, adding a new bathroom is now recommended by estate agents as one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

The bathroom is no longer simply a place to get washed and ready in the morning, more people are taking inspiration from luxury hotels and spas to transform one of the most used rooms in the home into a place where they can relax and enjoy a spa-like experience. Think underfloor heating, designer showers, luxurious furniture, whirlpool baths and sleek styling.

Statement Bath or Shower

A statement bath or a spacious showering area should be the focal point of any spa-style bathroom. If possible, position your bath in the centre of the bathroom so it’s the first thing your eye gets drawn to when you walk into the room. A whirlpool bath such as our Luna Direct, G2, Quantum Whirlpool Bath is perfect to add some luxury to your bathroom. They use jets to create motion in the water, allowing you to relax and bathe in total comfort.

Sleek wet room glass panels are another key element in a spa-style bathroom. For a streamlined look fit a single glass panel to the floor or on top of a low profile shower tray that’s inset into the floor.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is essential for creating storage space in a spa-style bathroom. Opt for a wall-mounted vanity unit to maximise floor space and choose a wood finish to create a feeling of luxury. Why not create a ‘his-and-hers’ look by fitting a vanity unit with double basins?


Warm, luxurious towels are a definite must in your spa-style bathroom, so make sure to fit a heated towel rail close to the basin, shower or bath so your toasty, dry towels are within easy reach.

The right details can really make a spa-style bathroom come together. Mood lighting provides the perfect way to truly relax while soaking in the bath.

Incorporating technology into the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular, so look out for mirrors with LED lights, demist pads, and Bluetooth and integrated speakers, so you can to listen to music or catch up with the latest news.

Finally, don’t forget some pampering treats and quality towels to complete the look. We especially love the bestselling John Lewis Egyptian towels for their durability and absorbency.

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