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Common questions about freestanding baths

Big bathroom Mirror and freestanding bath

If you’re currently looking for inspiration for upgrading your bathroom, then one of the biggest trends at the moment worthy of your consideration is that of freestanding baths.

Go in any bathroom that has a stunning freestanding bath installed and you instantly get the feeling of luxury and sophistication, exactly the sort of response you should get when stepping into a room dedicated to relaxation.

If the possibility of a freestanding bath is on your agenda, then we’ve answered a few common questions below.

Are freestanding baths comfortable?

Yes, they most definitely are. Most freestanding baths have smooth inclines at either end, perfect for laying back in an optimum relaxed position and stretching out your legs.

Add to the fact that many freestanding baths are large enough to incorporate two people, then you can be certain that being comfortable is virtually guaranteed.

Do freestanding baths move?

No. Freestanding baths are sturdily manufactured to take the weight of a large amount of water as well as a full grown adult (or two) and do not move around when full or empty.

They are not portable baths that can be moved around at will, nor will they move around due to the weight of water and people. They are designed to be freestanding and sit strongly in exactly the same spot without moving.

How do freestanding baths work?

Freestanding baths work in exactly the way you expect a bath to work. They are plumbed in to your homes’ water supply and can be filled up with hot and cold water until you get the desired amount and temperature of water that you want.

Of course, there are different types of freestanding bath that are available. Some are a simple bath with hot and cold taps and a plug, while others can incorporate whirlpool and jacuzzi jets and even bluetooth capabilities.

How do freestanding baths drain?

If you have a standard freestanding bath, then you can let the water out simply by removing the plug. There will also be an overflow hole in case you fill the bath up with too much water.

If you have a whirlpool freestanding bath then there are a few more steps that contribute to the drainage of the bath.

At Luna Spas, we ensure that our freestanding whirlpool baths have a minimum 15 degrees drain slop behind the jets and suction filter to ensure that water is completely drained.

Our baths pumps are completely self-draining and we also use long-lasting, high quality pipework that allows the water to be quickly drained away without water or bacteria buildup.

Additionally, our freestanding whirlpool baths are designed so that no water enters the whirlpool system until it is switched on. This means that you can have a normal bath without the whirlpool capabilities and the system will stay dry.

Are freestanding baths practical?

Yes, freestanding baths are very practical in terms of their functionality and they’re ability to give you a thoroughly satisfying bath.

Of course, much depends on the size of your bathroom and whether you think that a freestanding bath is the best fit for your bathroom.

There are a range of styles, shapes and sizes of freestanding baths available, including specially-designed smaller baths intended for smaller bathrooms.

It’s an excellent idea to have your room dimensions to hand, but small bathrooms do not necessarily rule out freestanding baths.


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