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Health benefits of a whirlpool bath

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Helps your skin to glow

A major benefit of having a soak in a whirlpool bath is the positive effect it can have on your skin.

Your oxygen intake actually increases when you’re sat in a hot whirlpool bath. This is good as it pulls the toxins in your body up to the surface, drawing them out of the skin.

The overall effect is skin that is softer, glowing and generally far more healthy!

Increased flexibility in your limbs

It’s well known that after some serious exercise or exertion, there’s nothing better to ease those aching muscles by easing into a nice hot bath.

This is not just an old wives tale either. The warmth from the water and the bubbles generated by the jet system can increase the extensibility of your connective tissues and muscles.

This leads to a greater flexibility and improved range of motion.

Increased blood circulation around your body

An important positive effect on your body from getting in a spa bath is the increased blood flow it causes.

Joint pain, muscle relaxation and a whole range of other health benefits are all improved by having a better circulation of blood around your body.

The fantastic combination of air and water, that is imperative to all good whirlpool baths, helps to open up your veins and arteries, increasing the space through which blood can flow.

Helps with general relaxation

People have spa days and weekends for good reason – it’s relaxing and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

A whirlpool bath is an important component in this process and the hydromassage qualities provided by a spa bath have a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Forgetting about your problems and shutting out the outside world through the use of thermotherapy is a great way of reducing stress and giving you a new lease of life!


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