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Whirlpool bath reviews: what to look for

A jet of water comng from a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath

Purchasing a luxury whirlpool bath is an important decision and not one to be taken lightly. This means that you will want to do a lot of research before buying, which will naturally include reading reviews.

In order to get the maximum benefit when wading through reviews and write-ups of whirlpool baths, we’ve included some of the most important things to look for.

These points will help you make the best decision for your bath so that you continue to enjoy it well into the future.


Regardless of the type of purchase you make, it’s always prudent to assess the quality of the product be fore proceeding. It’s also a good idea to try and understand where your product sits in the range – i.e. whether it’s at the top, middle or bottom and the reasons for this.

In the world of whirlpool baths, a great deal will be made of the material that the baths will be manufactured from., so you should keep an eye out for what is mentioned.

Fibreglass is always a solid choice, while acrylic is often used to give additional strength and rigidity to the bath, with steel being long-lasting and luxurious.


A whirlpool bath combines water and electricity, so it is always important to make sure that you are getting a bath that is safe for all the family. If you have young children or limited mobility, this is especially significant.

Look for mentions of a safe flow suction facility, which will detect if hair or body parts are pressed against the suction cover and immediately cut off the suction.

Also keep an eye out for safety valves or water height detection systems which stops the baths from overfilling and flowing out onto the floor.

Running costs

Many whirlpool bath manufacturers make the most of their baths’ environmental benefits, and often this includes information about power usage.

We are all increasingly aware of the importance of energy efficiency, not only in the effects on the Earth, but also in how much our electricity bills will be each month.

Inevitably, installing a large whirlpool bath will increase your electricity costs so when reading reviews, take note of the ones that give you an idea of how energy efficient (or not) your new bath is likely to be.


There are so many features that whirlpool baths can come loaded with these days that it can be quite overwhelming to keep track of all the options.

However, it’s imperative that you are going to be happy with the amount, layout and power of the jets, as those are the reason for getting a whirlpool bath in the first place.

When reading reviews, you should be able to glean how many jets are in your bath, whether they are evenly spaced or concentrated in certain areas and if they are powerful enough to give you a real blast of intense hydrotherapy.

Other features to look for are LED lighting, touch-pad controls, integrated bluetooth speakers, types of taps and filler valves, pop-up wastes, body directional jets and thermotherapy inline heaters.

You need to establish what’s important to you and what you have the budget for.


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