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Whirlpool Baths: Are They Worth It?

Are whirlpool baths worth it

A question many first-time buyers face when thinking about ordering their first whirlpool bath is “are whirlpool baths worth it”? Whirlpool baths use jets to create movement within the water, they are worthy investments due to their health benefits for aching muscles and improving blood circulation as well as their relaxation benefits.

When considering replacing a major fixture in your home, it is a large decision when deciding which exact product to choose. This guide will give you useful information, to decide whether investing in a whirlpool bath is worth it, so that you make the correct choice for you and your family and you are still happy with your decision for years to come.

Better Circulation

Warm water and massage jets in a whirlpool are a particular combination which leads to better blood circulation. The whirlpool bath helps your blood vessels dilate, which then allows more nutrients and oxygen go through your major organs. Having better blood circulation helps movement and is beneficial with people suffering from arthritis.

Aching Muscles and Joint Relief

As mentioned, the combination of warm water and the powerful high-pressure massage jets help alleviate any sore muscles or joints. The directional ability of the jets means you can focus on a particularly sore area, massaging until you feel relief.

So are whirlpool baths worth it? We think so, especially if you tend to suffer from aching muscles and joints every now and then.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

whirlpool baths

Stress is a common feeling experienced by almost everybody. Whirlpool bathtubs are able to relieve stress with their massaging ability, due to this they are able to relieve stress more effectively than regular bath-tubs. The warm temperature also makes the body release endorphins, meaning using a whirlpool bath can even boost your mood.

Our Luna Direct, G2, Quantum Whirlpool Bath is perfect for using after a long stress filled day, it is a single ended bath ideal for use with an over shower.

Helps Insomnia

Insomnia and sleeplessness is a large issue which disrupts certain people’s whole lives. The same way that the whirlpool bath can help alleviate stress and make you feel relaxed, it can also help make you feel sleepy. It does so by encouraging the production of melatonin within your body, this subsequently encourages your body to fall asleep naturally.


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Owning a whirlpool bath yourself is much better than relying on a public whirlpool bath or hot-tub with regards to convenience. You can decide when you want to use it, and it is available constantly at your convenience, there is no waiting on it being available which can occur when relying on public hot-tubs.

One of the mentioned benefits of a whirlpool bath is to alleviate stress and relax. Having to travel and use a public hot-tub or whirlpool bath contradicts this, as you are utilising it in a public space. Therefore, owning one yourself will give you the ability to completely relaxed from the comfort of your own home.

Having your own whirlpool bath in the privacy of your own home does not mean you cannot share it with someone. Our Riho, Grande Whirlpool Bath is a double ended bath ideal for sharing.


To get the relaxation, stress relief and the health benefits of a whirlpool bath without owning one. Whirlpool baths or hot-tubs that are open to public use, are problematic because you do not know how clean they are. Chlorine is used to kill any bacteria, but there is still a chance that bacteria will transfer through the public hot-tub which chlorine cannot kill.

Owning one yourself means that you know exactly who is using it, and how often it is cleaned.

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If after reading all these benefits from purchasing a whirlpool bath, from relaxation and stress relief, to the health benefits and you have decided that they are indeed worth the investment then browse our range of luxurious whirlpool baths.

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