Riho, Grande, Quantum Whirlpool Bath

Ref: 1235625

  • Double ended bath ideal for sharing.

  • Fitted with a the 14 jet, Quantum whirlpool system. Featuring 6 large body jets and 8 flush fitting multi-massage jets to sooth your back and foot jets

  • All our whirlpool systems are manufactured in the UK and come with a FULL 5 year guarantee.

  • All feature high grade, hygienic rigid pipe work for optimum drain down and provide high performance with quiet operation.

  • The bath is formed from the finest 5.5mm thick sanitary grade UK made ICI acrylic ‘LUCITE’. This is one of the most durable acrylics providing lasting colour, superb surface finish and texture, exceptional strength and durability.

  • Features of the whirlpool system include an energy efficient, low noise 660W flow pump for hydro-massage, anti-vibration height adjustable feet, metal pump stand, metal bath stand frame and individual airfeeds to adjust the massage strength of each of the multi-directional chrome jets.

  • Options available such from airspas systems, to heaters, to cromotherapy lighting to tailor the system to your exacting specification.

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