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Are Whirlpool Baths Heavy?

Are whirlpool baths heavy? This is a common question possed when people are redoing or renovating an existing bathroom and are concerned that the existing floor will not be able to support their dream whirlpool tub.

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  • 1. How much does a standard bath weigh?

    A standard acrylic bath normally weighs approximately 45kg's . This can vary depending on size and if the bath is reinforced.

  • 2. How heavy are whirlpool baths?

    The first to note is that having a whirlpool system installed on to a bath will add approximately 12-16 kg's on the weight of the existing bath, an air spa may add a further 8-10kg's. These combined weights will have no real impact on the load carrying ability of the floor you are looking to mount the bath on.

  • 3. How much does a whirlpool bath weigh when full?

    The real determining factor in the weight of the bath is the volume of water the bath can carry. A litre of water is equivalent to 1 kg, so if the volume of the bath is 280L the weight of the bath when full will be bath + whirlpool kit + 280kg