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Are whirlpool baths noisy?

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  • 1. Are whirlpool baths quieter than they used to be?

    In short, yes! Whirlpool technology has come a long way. It should be noted that the home spa market is a huge industry and certain suppliers who we partner up with invest a lot of money to make sure they are at forefront of this technology.

    We facilitate the purchase of home indulgence; we are all about providing a product that will help you, the customer unwind and find a moment of bliss, this means we want nothing to interrupt your moment and enjoyment.

  • 2. How loud are whirlpools baths?

    We cant comment on other companys offerings of course. It should be noted though that not all whirlpool baths are created equally that we do not try to be the cheapest whirlpool supplier in the market, we put care and attention into every spa we spec and build and take very seriously the level of noise.

    One thing to consider is that the whirlpool pump we fit is extremely quiet. The sound you hear comes from the turbulence created in the water and also from our powerful hydro massage we create and also from vibrations that are then transmitted through other surfaces.

    Theres not a huge amount that can be about the sound of the water turbulence but why would you want to, this is the sound of hydro massage. When it comes to the vibrations, however, we bring our A-game. We fit robust anti vibration rubber flanges to the bottom of our pumps and these soak up the vibrations that are created by forcefully pushing the water out of the many jets. We also fit feet with isolators on to help prevent vibrations from transferring to the floor.

  • 3. How do whirlpool baths compare to other background noises?

    In order to help answer this question we used a decibel meter on a bath in our showroom and held it up close to the turbulent water. We have added some comparisons below to help you get a feel.

  • Newspaper Press (97 dB)
  • Dishwasher (80 dB)
  • Luna Spas Whirlpool Bath (71 dB)*
  • Conversation in Restaurant (60 dB)
  • Quiet Suburb (50 dB)

  • - Noise levels taken from www.industrialnoisecontrol.com

    * Sound level taken up close with the bath mounted on a solid concrete floor.

  • 4. What factors Affect the noise levels of my whirlpool bath

    As discussed above, the noise is created by both the turbulence of the water in the bath and vibrations created by the pump being transferred and amplified by other surfaces.

    It is worth noting that many factors come into play when considering how noisy whirlpools baths are. Are you fitting the bath on to a suspended wooden floor with insulation or a solid concrete floor, is it a modern stud wall or block work? A good rule of thumb is that solid surfaces tend to soak up sound more than hollow surfaces.

  • 5. Is there anything I can do to make my whirlpool silent?

    As referred to earlier, solid structures help absorb sound waves. With this in mind, fitting a tiled panel to your bath can help reduce any noise. Also you can use sound deadening material behind the panel as well, but space should be always left around the pump.

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