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Do you offer reinforced baths?

In short YES! We love a reinforced bath. All the baths we offer have to be of exception quality due to amount of jets we like to fit to them, anything flimsy we don't want to touch. Solid bath tubs are so much easier to deal with when it comes to adding whirlpool systems. We fit the best systems and thus want to supply on the best baths out there. Below we will give you a break down into the range of extra triple layered reinforced baths offered on our website.

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  • 1. What is Carronite / Armatec / Aquamaxx?

    These are 3 terms for in effect the same thing. Carron bathrooms pioneered Carronite a few years ago and other manufactures have followed suit producing their own similar finish to rival. Aquaestil use the term AQUAMAXX. They describe it as a durable, hi-tech super reinforcement coating that provides cast iron strength and extra thermal insulation. Armatec is the name we use, for the same process being applied to our Luna range of baths.

    The process itself is the action of taking the existing acrylic bath then adding an extra triple layer of reinforcement. This triple layer of reinforcement is made up of layers of fiberglass, resin and a special hardening composite. The end result is a much more rigid and strong bath tub, resulting in a more solid and comfortable experience when bathing or showering.

    It is worth noting that Carron also do panels with the special Carronite reinforced finish these can be found in the accessories section.

  • 2. What are the benefits of the extra reinforcement?

    The benefits can be broken into the following points:

  • An amazingly strong, rigid bathtub that will never flex or bend.
  • Greater thermo retention properties, than a standard acrylic or steel bath.
  • Extra layers of insulation.
  • The bath water will stay warmer for longer up to 30 minutes in some tests.
  • British made quality and recommended by professionals.
  • 30 year warranty.
  • Unique installation system ensuring the weight is spread evenly.

  • Some people refer to these special finishes as the best alternative to a steel bath but don't take our words for it, read this handy thread we found on line to help you decide if its worth putting those extra pounds in to a reinforced finish.

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  • 3. Where can I find these products?

    We offer extra-reinforced baths in our Carron range and our Luna range. To find the Carronite options and to read more about the history of Carron please click. We go into detail about how the company was founded and how they are always reinvesting to stay ahead of the game from their factory in the UK. We also feature on this page all the Carron Carronite baths we are currently selling, updated regularly.

    Want to see our range of Armatec baths? Weve dedicated a whole section to baths that we offer in this special finish. This will be updated regularly as we look to broaden our range of this truly wonderful product.

    The AQUAMAXX finish can be found on the Arena bath we offer from Aquaestil. Click the link to see the whirlpool options available.