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What are the best whirlpool bath options?

In this section we will break down all the options available and give you a brief description on the benefits of each and which systems these are available on. We will discuss the following options.

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  • 1. Flush whirlpool jets, what are the advantages?

    Firstly it is worth noting that the Super Lux and Tranquility systems come with flush whirlpool jets as standard. This multi-jets are part of the c-Lenda® range by Markon and are considered the best in the market. So much so they are the jets of choice for all high end Brands such as Roca and Carron. Apart from the obvious comfort and aesthetic qualities, another advantage of the flush jets over standard jets is the ease in which they can be removed for cleaning.

  • 2. The air spa system, how does it works and what is included?

    As described in the article How does a whirlpool bath work? we discuss that an air spa works by forcing pre heated air through the flush jets on the base off the jets, gently lifting you and delivering a soft tissue massage.

    How the air spa differs depending on which system you choose is detailed below. The Quantum range is offered with a 12x jet air spa, which is operated by a flush chrome pneumatic control. The system turns on and off with a push of the button.

    The Super Lux and Tranquility system are fitted with a 16 jet system with a slightly more powerful blower. As the system is controlled via an electronic control, it allows for 4 speed options. Low, medium, high and massage mode. As you can imagine the massage mode is the one most people default to, as builds and falls in waves, to relax and invigorate. However the real magic with this system, when installed on the Super Lux or Tranquility, is that the diverter (included) allows you to channel the air through the whirlpool jets providing the best hydro-massage in the market. As far as we are aware this is unique to us.

  • 3. Chromo therapy LED lighting

    The LEDs we fit are of a very high quality and as well as being a thing of beauty, the chromo therapy LEDs we supply carry many advantages. These are discussed at length in the following article What are the benefits of chromo therapy . These advantages include a feeling of harmony and tranquillity brought on by the different colours. Depending on the colour can depend on how your mood and sense of well being can be altered.

    It is worth noting, that the Quantum is offered with an option of 1x LED, the Super Lux with 2x LEDs and the Tranquility has 2x LEDs fitted as standard.

  • 4. Thermo therapy inline heater

    The thermotherapy inline heater is factory fitted and operates in conjunction with the whirlpool system. Once the whirlpool is switched on a flow switch within the heater activates and turns the heater on, the opposite happens when the whirlpool is switched off. Thermo therapy is a well established scientific approach to healing and improving muscle recovery following exercise. It works by expanding the blood vessels and allowing more blood flow which helps eliminate carbon dioxide and metabolic waste. For further reading please read our in depth article Thermo therapy and well being .

    The thermo therapy heater is an option that can be fitted to all our systems and is perhaps the most popular option we sell.

  • 5. Diverter (water/air)

    This is only offered as an option on the Quantum system. It allows you to control the distribution of whether the water comes through all the jets, just the side/back jets or any varied degrees in between.

    *The diverter is fitted as standard with the air spa system for both the Super Lux and Tranquility system. This allows you to divert the air from the air spa into the whirlpool system to power boost the hydromassage. Read the following to understand the benefits of the diverter in the Super Lux and Tranquility system - Air diverter.

  • 6. The Jet Fill system

    The Jet Fill system, is something else we offer that separates us from what other basic whirlpool suppliers offer. The main advantages of the Jet Fill are that it can mean the bath can fill quicker, it can be more hygienic as it rinses the system and it just looks great when the bath is filling.

    For an in depth look into this high end system please read the following article What is the Jet Fill system and how does it work?