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The Best Brands

Are you looking to re-design your bathroom and are seeking the best luxury bathroom fixtures in order to finish your brand new bathroom?

At Luna Spas, we work with some of the leading and most trusted bathroom brands offering our customers a wide range of high-quality bathroom fixtures and products.

Each brand offers distinctive product design, all created with the highest quality components using the most innovative design methods to achieve a truly unique and special product for our customers.

Whether you are seeking a modern, minimalistic bathroom or would rather a vibrant and bold space with statement fixtures and fittings, we are sure you will find something perfect for your bathroom style.

  • Which brand of bath tub is for me?

    Although you may not be aware there are many different suppliers of baths and some are certainly better than others. Here at Luna Spas we have been and fitting whirlpool systems to baths and retailing since 2003, in that time we have gained a very good understanding of what makes an excellent bathtub. Because the whirlpool systems we fit are so advanced and have the option of an incredible number jets, the bathtubs we use have to be extremely rigid. We choose only the best manufactures who have been building baths using the latest technology for years. We also have our own range of Luna baths which we by directly cutting out the middle and so we pass on the savings to you the customer.

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  • Rectangular Baths from Carron

    The company Carron originated in the year 1759, and moved into manufacturing household products such as baths and sinks. Since then they have became one of the biggest names in modern bath design.

    Click to browse Carrons regtangular bath designs.

  • Trojan Baths

    Founded in 1975 the philosophy of the company still rings true: make the best quality product by using the best possible materials available. Their obsession with quality is back up by the number of skilled craftsmen taking pride in what they do and produce all so you can have the best possible bathing experience. They are one of the leading bath tub manufacturers in the world.

    Browse Trojan Bath range.
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  • Luxury Bathing by Kartell

    Kartell are an established brand within the bathroom design space, providing customers with some of the most contemporary bathroom luxury bathing fixtures on the market.

    Browse Kartell's luxury bathing fixtures.
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  • Large Bathtubs from Riho

    Riho are a brand which have been developing luxury bath tubs for over 27 years. They manufacture their products using the best materials and using innovative and contemporary design.
    Browse Rihos range of large bathtubs.
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  • Luxury baths by Roca

    Roca’s absolute focus on technological innovation is for the sole purpose of keeping ahead of the market. Making sure it adapts to the needs and differing tastes of society. The goal is not only to offer products with pleasing aesthetics and modernity but to help improve the quality of peoples lives.

    See our chosen Roca designs.
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  • Freestanding Baths by Charlotte Edwards

    Steeped in experience, the team behind Charlotte Edwards set out to create the most visually appealing freestanding baths available. We take their masterpieces and add a 20 or 24 jet whirlpools systems to give you the best hydrotherapy experience available.

    Click to browse Charlotte Edwards freestanding baths.
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  • Have Further Questions?

    If you have any queries about the brands or any of our products that we stock, do not hesitate in getting in touch with us. We are always happy to speak with you.

    Contact us by visiting our Contact page and filling out a form, or by calling us at: 01254 786 444