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Do your whirlpool baths fully drain?

A common question that gets asked about whirlpool is does water get left in the system after use? To put it bluntly water left in the system can become stagnant and smelly, meaning that when you next come to use your whirlpool, hoping for a long soak you turn on the system to find black stringy bits coming out of the jets. This is unpleasant and not something we would never put our name to. With our systems through skill and technology you can rest assured that 99% of all the water drains from our products, we wish we could say the same for the majority of our competitors. Even though our systems are 99% self draining as with ownership of any item it does require cleaning. We have a specially formulated whirlpool cleaner and tabs to clean the parts you cant reach.

Please read on to see how to find out more about our high tech whirlpool systems.

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  • 1. What makes Luna Spas whirlpool baths the most hygienic available?

    We believe we are selling the best whirlpool baths available; this is born out of our keen attention to detail and long experience of building whirlpool systems. We have often been asked about the hygienic qualities of whirlpool baths and do our baths retain water? First it is worth noting that not all whirlpool baths are manufactured to the same exacting standards as those from Luna Spas. We are always making sure we are using the using the latest technologies to ensure that we are offering the best and the most hygienic whirlpool systems available. In our pursuit of excellence we took the following steps to understand the problems and thus come up with the solutions:

    • What causes some Whirlpool baths to trap water?
    • Why are Luna Spas Whirlpool Baths the most hygienic systems available

  • 2. What causes some whirlpool baths to trap water?

    After use, conventional whirlpool systems, which are the vast majority of those available online today, trap surprising amounts of bathing water inside the pipework and jets. This water gets trapped in the face of the jet, the fitting behind the jet, in the pipe work between the jets and in the pump itself. Water held like this provides a breeding ground for micro-organisms and bacteria, which are then ejected into the fresh water when the bath is used again. This can get to be very unpleasant and for us here at Luna Spas this is simply wasnt good enough.

  • 3. Why are Luna Spas whirlpool baths the most hygienic systems available?

    In understanding what the problems with our competitors products, we set to work to make our whirlpools better. The systems presented by Luna Spas are a major step forward in whirlpool technology, using the most advanced computer-aided design to set the new world standard in hydrotherapy. Following a long and intense development programme, Luna Spas Ltd and Spa Splash have teamed up to create the entirely new Hygiene-Plus system design, the only system guaranteed to drain 99%, completely staying fresh and dry until the next use. Spa Splash are one of Europes leading fluid dynamic Spas System consultancies. They have fitted systems at Clarence House and countless high profile properties across London. The benefits you the customer will get from our increased knowledge and development:

    • No water is held in the jet face, this due to a patented design by Markon.
    • Water is prevented from entering the whirlpool system until the system is turned on, this means that when the product is used as just a bath, the whirlpool system will stay completely dry.
    • We use a minimum 15 degree drain slope behind the jets and suction filter to ensure complete drainage.
    • We only fit rigid pipework, unlike the cheaper flexi pipe, which the vast majority of manufacturers use, this will never sag or deteriorate trapping water. We find this to be the biggest problem with cheap whirlpool baths, over a short time period, the pipe work between the jets starts to sag and hold water. This water stagnates and sours with bacteria, this is thoroughly unpleasant. We strongly advise against buying models that use this type of pipe.
    • Our UK made whirlpool bath pumps are completely self draining.

    With this high-tech collaboration, be reassured that Luna Spas represents the very best in world class, super hygiene whirlpool technology. The exclusive Luna Spas systems come with a range of high-flow, low noise pumps guaranteed 5 years for added peace of mind.

    Why settle for yesterdays technology? - we didnt!