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How does a whirlpool bath work?

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  • 1. How does a whirlpool bath work?

    A whirlpool bath works by recirculating the water already in the bath. The whirlpool pump once activated draws water into the chamber compresses it and forces it back through the jets with an infusion of air to create the massaging effect. It literally is a cyclical process drawing energy from one water cycle to the next to generate an authentic whirlpool feel.

  • 2. How does an air spa work?

    An air spa system works by blowing currents of pre-warmed air into the bath water from the base of the bath. This is designed to gently lift you from the base of the bath providing a soft tissue massage.

  • 3. What is the difference between a whirlpool and an air spa?

    The main difference between a whirlpool bath and an air spa is that a whirlpool bath recirculates water that is already in the bath, an air spa works by blowing pre-warmed air in through the base of the jets. These systems can be operated individually or in conjunction.

  • 4. Why are Luna Spas whirlpool air spa baths different?

    What makes our Tranquility and Super Lux whirlpool baths (fitted with the air spa system) so special is that you can combine both the whirlpool bath and air spa together to wonderful effect. The air spa blower can be diverted from the base jets and directed through the whirlpool jets, this allows for the most powerful or soothing water massage and all in between. This truly is the gold standard of whirlpool air spa / jacuzzi baths out there.

  • 5. Why were whirlpool baths invented?

    The modern whirlpool bath, or Jacuzzi was invented back in the 1950s by Mr Jacuzzi. The catalyst was that his son began to suffer from arthritis and he created the whirlpool bath to help with this and in doing so became a pioneer of hydrotherapy. The results had a significant impact that wasnt just therapeutic, but also very relaxing, healing and soothing. These qualities quickly cemented the reputation as a aspirational product for the wealthy and privileged.

    • A whirlpool bath gives you a sophisticated recreation and simulation of the original spa experience so many of us cherish and find unforgettable.
    • This luxurious healing process not only offers you a relaxing and unique bath time that you just wont find elsewhere on the market.
    • It is without doubt the best therapy for painful muscles and swollen joints. Let alone the immeasurable benefits to the mind body and soul.
    • A whirlpool bath is renowned as an essential therapeutic device for senior citizens, elderly people or those who suffer from chronic pain. Today, they are easily available at an affordable price.

  • 6. Is there a difference between a Jacuzzi bath and a whirlpool bath?

    There is no real difference between the two - theyre essentially the same product that speaks to the same desire to attain and indulge in a superior bathing experience. Jacuzzi is in effect a brand name for whirlpool baths, similar to Hoover vacuums or Tannoy public address systems, this is a timeless, shining example of excellent brand/product crossover.

    If youre looking for a Jacuzzi / whirlpool bath or hot tub, theres really no reason to go specifically for the Jacuzzi brand, beyond ostentation and novelty. In fact, shopping on our website is much more cost-effective and practical. We believe our systems to be at least equally competent and more proficient in a like for like comparison. Our systems are produced to rigorous standards that exceed even those of the modern baths that Jacuzzi are producing. Jacuzzi maybe the name you have heard of but it doesnt mean they are the best.