What makes Luna Spas systems the best on the market?

What makes Luna Spas systems the best on the market?

The main focus for our whirlpool systems is comfort, style and protection. So when specifying our Super Lux and Tranquillity whirlpools systems there was never a doubt in us choosing the flush fitting C-Lenda system from Markon. Markon have been on a pursuit of excellence and at the forefront of whirlpool design for over 20 years. As a company are always focussed on producing the best whirlpool baths available; fitting anything else would have been a compromise.

Put simply the C-Lenda system is the best on the market. Nothing has been left to chance, every aspect of the technology has been designed for your total comfort. It is a completely flush fitting spas system, compromising of Markon’s worldwide patented high grade stainless steel mounts. These are the perfect example of form and function combining, providing easily adjustable controls and invigorating jet massage performance. Offering the ultimate in comfort by providing a continuous bathing surface and also having a timeless style and depth of finish that will always please. Add to this a super safe suction system and there really isn’t a better system available out there.

Unlike the vast majority of whirlpool systems available on the Internet, this system:

  • Will not protrude into your bath, the ergonomic design of the C-Lenda jets make for the most relaxing of spas experience.

  • Will not trap soap and debris around the jets due to the patented stainless steel mounts and will thus be very easy to clean.

  • Will not discolour, peel and age like most other systems available, ensuring the high quality look and finish will last for many, many years.

  • Will not continually draw from the suction filter if an obstruction such as a flannel or body part is drawn to it.

  • Will not cause any hair line cracking to appear around the jets after years of use, preserving the quality and beauty of your c-lenda flush jet system.