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Who are your whirlpool parts suppliers?

In this section we want to let you behind the scenes and inform you on where all the parts and components come from we source to build our, what we believe to be the best systems on the market. We want you, the customer, to know everything possible about our systems before you consider a purchase. We take the specifing and building of whirlpool systems from their component parts very seriously and obsess over the smallest details, perfect symmetry, the lowest profile jets, the quietest pumps all to give you the best hydrotherapy experience possible.

If you want to know anything more about how we build our whirlpools or indeed how they work please contact us using the following details.

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  • Where do we buy our whirlpool component's from?

    To offer the best products in to the market not only do we source the best manufacturers of baths but we also make sure to use the best whirlpool bath components available. Most companies cut corners and use cheaper parts, imported in from Asia. All our products are produced in either the UK or New Zealand. We have a built a strong relationship with our suppliers over a long period ensuring we always have access to the latest parts.

  • Markon - for all of our static whirlpool system parts

    Markon - for all of our static whirlpool system parts

    Markon innovate where others falter by constantly focusing time and energy on the ever-changing needs of its customers and by designing and developing technological advancements in water jets such as the world’s lowest profile jet C Lenda`
    for the spa bath (whirlpool) and shower jet markets.

    Their aim is to take the lead in the design and development of new products for these markets through new ideas, complete quality control and outstanding levels of service.

    A major part of their philosophy is the whole-heartedly belief that, “there is always a better way” and that their designs will accommodate and change as a direct result or product of in-depth research and analysis of customer feedback.

    One of Markon's principal strengths is the ability to control the entire design process, development and manufacture of their products which allows them to maintain the highest standards.

    They view business as a symbiotic relationship and to this end, devote time and money to understanding their customers and their long-term business strategies. They listen carefully to their customers above all else and work to provide products they require and need. The team are deeply committed to supplying products of the highest quality and take great pride in giving you the very best customer experience.

    Markon specialise in the design and manufacture of components for the spa bath (whirlpool) and shower manufacturing industries. They are dedicated to designing and developing high quality products that incorporate an extensive research and development strategy, to maintain their current position at the forefront of the industry. Trends and markets are constantly monitored and analysed to offer new and exciting products all the time.

    Take note of their modular product range for spa baths (whirlpools) and shower jets and their ability to design and develop customised products to suit individual customer needs. An important feature for all Markon's products is the flexibility created by the modular design. This is made simple and easy to follow by the unique way they have illustrated their product range in this catalogue. they offer all their products in an extensive range of colours or can customise a colour for more bespoke requirements.

    Always ahead of the game, their specialised manufacturing company, ElectroPlas, use the latest moulding technology and operate the most advanced electroplating plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

    To add to this, their stringent and rigorous in-house quality control procedures are implemented continuously throughout the design and manufacturing processes. All their products undergo meticulous trials and quality tests before they become available to you.

    Kip Marks founded Markon in 1990 with the first products made for the New Zealand market. Today, the company supply leading players in every market, exporting product to Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. On the journey, they have steadily grown to now become regarded throughout the world as an industry leader in both product design and technical innovation.

    Spa bath (whirlpool) products include, jets, bodies, air controls, air buttons, suctions, diverter valves, flow control valves, air injectors, manifolds and accessories. Shower products include a range of shower jets and a body shower system.

  • ESPA Innovative Solutions - for all of our whirlpool bath pumps

    ESPA Innovative Solutions - for all of our whirlpool bath pumps

    ESPA is a company specialising in designing, producing, distributing and innovating pumps, systems and water-management equipment for the household and residential sectors. They are a firm favourite with us because their pumps come with a complete draining device for preventing residual retention in each cycle. Also, ESPA has always been an enterprising project, characterised by cutting-edge innovation and the relentless search for new pumping solutions for real problems in different environments.

    The first pump manufacturer in Spain was gradually conceived with water as the main focus. Today it is among the largest manufacturers in the world in the household market. As a result, ESPA’s present industrial capacity is considered a benchmark in the water technology sector. Their current trajectory in terms of development is, efficient engineering and the production of innovative, energy-
    efficient pumping equipment that is committed to saving water at all costs.

    For over half a century the ESPA company has been renowned for its constant innovation, service, the quality of its products and closeness to their customers, in a highly competitive international setting.

    Continual improvement is a core value that they have made achievable by implementing a value chain based on human resources, corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction. To add to this, they apply a strategic definition based on the development and innovation of products and the constant addition of new ranges aimed at meeting present and future challenges and needs.

    Their innovation and research efforts are paramount in achieving the excellence this context requires and in constantly offering innovative products that meet the needs and demands of their customers who expect nothing less than efficient technological equipment that guarantees sustainable use of energy resources. ESPA places its full organisation and experience at your service, investigating, producing and advising you on your choices. More than 600 people make up ESPA’s team, all of whom are qualified professionals and involved staff dedicated to giving you an agile and comprehensive global service.

    ESPA is advancing towards society’s future needs through design, production and innovation in technologically on point, cost effective and efficient pumping equipment that ensures the sustainable use of natural energy resources. This is a direct result of knowledge and expertise with which they aim to avoid compromising on the quality of life of future generations and to contribute to improving the environment. They are a singular organization in achieving operational excellence and innovation. ESPA’s corporate values form part of a process of competitive differentiation. Every year we devote more resources to R&D&I to ensure more sustainable, efficient, high-quality products adapted to our customers’ growing expectations as well as focusing on the impact of new technologies and new conditioning factors within the market. The preservation of natural resources like water and energy define their identity and gives them a purpose that cannot be ignored or disassociated from their actions.
    Creativity and innovation highlight the difference between them and the competition. They devote every effort to innovation as the key for achieving business excellence. Innovation in technological research, in the water supply chain, on the production line, in logistics and in the whole value chain results in the revitalisation and improvement of processes and a highly productive business functionality.

    They are able to show both Professionalism and responsibility by carrying out their activities faithfully, honestly, rigorously, flexibly, effectively and efficiently in order to achieve continuous improvements in all parts of the organisation, ESPA pride themselves on constantly learning from their customers and suppliers. They integrate everyone in the organisation into a business project for the future with excitement and enthusiasm, stressing their individual and collective value and enabling a work-life balance in order to achieve the highest levels of involvement toward a common goal. The company generate business dynamics aimed at understanding and meeting the customers’ needs. Addressing their concerns every day and forging Professional relationships leads ESPA towards finding out about their customers situations and allowing them to anticipate their needs.

    Commitment to their customers, vision and corporate mission, drives ESPA to guarantee the research and development of the products that the market demands, they offer their innovative capacities fully, to distinguish themselves from the rest and to give added value to their distributors.

    The customer’s opinion is the basis of the innovation process as it provides a first-hand account of the Market’s needs; By properly channelling this information, ESPA can activate the relevant development projects required, at any time. The procedures for this process and the resources for developing new products lie in the R&D area and in the supervision of the Strategic Planning department, which receives input concerning the innovation and feasibility of each project as well as the technology-watch process throughout the process.

    To this end, ESPA has set up an R& D competence centre at the Girona University Science and Technology Park, which specialises in pumping intelligence, advanced design and hydraulic and electromechanical simulation, and is equipped with the most advanced systems intended to guarantee a dynamic process during the preliminary prototype and industrialisation stages by reducing time frames and optimising the resources used to carry out each project successfully.