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Does thermotherapy promote well being?

There is nothing quite like a long soak in a hot tub. Our thermotherapy online heater allows you to do just that. The heater automatically turns on when the whirlpool system starts continually warming the water flowing through it. Make a long, long soak part of your weekly ritual.

Read on to find out more about the regenerative and healing power of a thermotherapy whirlpool bath.

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  • Thermotherapy / Heat Therapy and Bathing

    There is no denying the restorative and regenerative powers of a regular warm bath, however, according to new research carried out in Germany, bathing as oppose to showering can have a greater effect on mood than physical exercise. To explore why this maybe and how to maximize the benefits we will look at the following.

  • 1. What is thermotherapy?

    The use of heat in therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation purposes is becoming increasingly popular and is now widely recognized as a valid means of treatment for arthritis, stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin. However, more and more these days, the benefits of heat therapy to our mental well-being is gaining credence due to new research and a new-found belief in the value of mindfulness and mental health in general. There are now various studies that show having a regular afternoon bath is an effective means of combating depression. In fact, some research claims it is better for you than physical exercise when it comes to the healing and regenerative aspects of our mental and physical health.

  • 2. How does thermotherapy / heat therapy work?

    In technical terms, the increase in blood flow to the affected areas provides oxygen, protein and nutrients for better circulation and effectively better healing and a sense of harmony within. There is a long list of therapeutic effects of heat therapy, including but not limited to, increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues; decreasing joint stiffness; reducing pain; relieving muscle spasms; reducing inflammation and aids in the post-acute phase of healing. It is highly regarded as a cure for migraines and headaches also. We are here to help you restore your aura and realign your chakras through the quality and performance of our products.

  • 3. How does Luna Spas create the best conditions for thermotherapy?

    While it is true that you can get many benefits from just bathing in a warm bath, the best way to experience the full benefits of thermotherapy is to combine the treatment with a hydrotherapy deep and soft tissue massage. To fully enjoy the benefits of both treatments it is recommended to remain in the bath for over 20 minutes. Unfortunately over time bath water reduces in temperature, this can also be slightly sped up by the action of the whirlpool bath, which is mixing millions of air bubbles into the water before forcing it back through the jets. The best way to obtain a constant warm bath, at the ideal temperature for thermotherapy, is by having an inline heater installed on your whirlpool bath. The heater maintains the bath water at a warmer than body temperature level, which is around 37 degrees. The heater operates by an internal flow switch, which turns on as soon as the whirlpool bath is switched on.

  • 4. What benefits come from thermotherapy bathing?

    Here at Luna Spas, we are firm believers in vasodilation the expansion of the blood vessels to allow more blood flow and the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste this is the primary objective of heat therapy/ thermotherapy. The research and up-to-date technology that we employ in creating a tailormade whirlpool bath is proof that we know what we are talking about and that the products essentially speak for themselves.

    New research suggests that the major benefit of investing in one of our whirlpool baths is that the hot water causes vasodilation of the blood flow in the limb or body, increasing local blood circulation. This form of treatment, where a limb or the entire body is immersed in hot (but not boiling) water is where our products come into their own.

    By altering your body temperature rhythm, it is believed that lymph vessels dilate and contract to essentially "pump" and move stagnant fluid out of the injured area, and that this positively affects the inflammation process, which is the body's primary mechanism for healing damaged tissue.

    This method can be used to reduce swelling around injuries or to aid recovery from exercise. It can also significantly improve muscle recovery following exercise, by reducing the levels of blood lactate concentration. For any injury presenting with palpable swelling and heat, and visible redness - such as a strain/sprain - heat therapy is contraindicated during the acute inflammation stage.

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