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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

We believe in finding time and being good to yourself. We aim to help you find that peaceful tranquil place through the various treatments and therapies we tailor into our whirlpool systems. Every whirlpool system we build is focused on hydrotherapy.

Please keep reading to find out what it is and how it can bring benefits to your day to day.

  •  Luna Spas and Hydrotherapy / Hydro Massage

    Luna Spas and Hydrotherapy / Hydro Massage

    Our mission statement at Luna Spas is to make luxury bathing an affordable lifestyle experience. We believe that hydrotherapy / hydro massage, chromotherapy and thermootherapy is the art of taking care of yourself: there is no one moment during the day which is better than another, the important thing is to choose the right one, when you are more willing to leave the world behind and remain in silence with yourself. Run the water, turn the system on and plunge yourself into a dimension of absolute peace. The feeling is bliss, the fatigue flows away, the body abandons itself to relaxation, and the mind empties to leave space for emotions.

    Below we hope to answer a few of the following questions you might have about whirlpool baths:

    • A brief history of Hydrotherapy
    • What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?
    • How will our whirlpool systems relax you?
    • What makes Luna Spas systems the best in the market?
    • What whirlpool bath systems are available at Luna Spas?

    Hydrotherapy through the ages

    Since the days of the ancient Greeks, man has recognised the soothing, curative powers of bathing. At the beginning of the last century the medical profession identified these benefits and began to prescribe Hydrotherapy using whirlpools - a treatment which is now used in clinics and hospitals worldwide.

    What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

    Hydrotherapy is proven to have the following benefits:

    • Improves circulation
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Induces mental relaxation
    • Create a feeling of well-being
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Reduce muscle tension
    • Help with chronic pain
    • Relieve Jetlag
    • Decrease migraine frequency

    How will our whirlpool systems relax you?

    Like a sponge that is tightly squeezed, a tense muscle holds less fluid than one which is at rest. This reduces the circulation of blood and increases the strain placed on your heart. Our specially designed whirlpool systems work by stimulating blood flow which increases circulation. Tight muscles are refreshed while the body's natural painkillers endorphins, are released into your system to soothe and relax, increasing precious energy levels.

    The specific positioning of our whirlpool jets helps to release contracted muscles and increases circulation, allowing your cells to receive much-needed energy-producing nutrients and oxygen, Metabolic waste products are more easily removed and your blood count increases - bringing even more oxygen to your body cells.

    This all acts to reduce the effects of stress, counteracts your body’s negative response to tension, relaxes muscles and helps your heart rate, blood pressure and circulation return to normal. Heat is immediately transferred to the body. The consistent pressure of the warm water against the skin encourages blood vessels and capillaries to open, enabling a higher volume of oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. The heat transfer also has a sedative effect on the nerve endings, reducing muscular pain and discomfort.

    Bathing in our whirlpool baths will help you sleep better. Tension from everyday stress can disrupt your sleep pattern, leaving you tired and emotionally drained. The relaxational properties of hydromassage eases tense muscles and calms the nervous system, causing your body’s rhythm to slow down. Your heart rate settles and breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmic - priming you for a perfect night’s sleep.

    What makes Luna Spas systems the best in the market?

    At Luna Spas safety comes first, which is why we fit Safe-Flow technology to all our systems. We strongly advise against purchasing or installing a system that does not have this technology installed. Not only is it piece of mind protecting from hair or body parts being pulled against the suction filter but it also protects pump and the system as a whole ensuring longevity, hence our long 5 year guarantee.

    We have over 15 years experience in designing and fitting whirlpool systems to baths. We believe in only fitting the best components and pumps to our systems. This is testament by number of repeat clients we have who opt to purchase a new bath from us when they move to a new place as they can’t bare living without their whirlpool bath. A Luna Spas whirlpool system will give you years of trouble free ownership.

    As well as safety we are also conscious of questions some clients have about the hygienic qualities of whirlpool systems. Technology has moved on significantly in the last 30 years, we always spec and fit the latest technology. Our systems are fitted with rigid pipe work, which doesn’t sag like the cheap flexi pipe, which most companies use. The flexi pipe over time will sag and cause water to sit in the system leading to a build up of slime. Unlike cheaper systems, all our jets, suction filters and pumps we use are fully self draining and do not trap soap particles etc. that can give bacteria a place to grow, making them the most hygienic systems available.

    What whirlpool bath systems are available at Luna Spas?

    We offer 3 distinct lines of whirlpool bath systems:

    All the components we use to build our bespoke whirlpool systems come from Markon and ESPA. These companies are the best in the business and have a combined industry experience of over 100 years. For an indepth view into these companies and what we buy from them, please follow the following link to their company profiles - Markon "there is always a better way" & ESPA "Innovative Solutions"..

    For the Quantum range we fit 14 jets from Markon's EnviroJet range, these include 6 of the larger body jets and 8 multi massage jets.

    For the Super Lux and Tranquility Pool systems, we only fit jets and components from Markon's exclusive and patented C-Lenda range. The C-lenda line is a completely flush range of jets and components and is without a doubt the best quality and design available. For an indepth look into why we fit C-Lenda to all our flagship systems please click to read more.

    If you have any questions about the above or any of the products advertised on our website, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

    Contact us by visiting our Contact page and filling out a couple of details or call us on: 0141 225 0438 lines open from 9:00 - 19:30