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What are the best whirlpool baths?

The best whirlpool baths are those that give a genuine hydromassage experience. There are many factors that effect this and thus need to be taken into account when buying a whirlpool bath. We break these down below, to help you make an informed decisions

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  • 1. What to look for when purchasing a whirlpool bath

    There are many factors to look into when purchasing a whirlpool bath. Through our many, many years of experience we will help break it down, into what you should be looking for when purchasing, this will help you avoid traps laid out by cheap whirlpool bath offerings.

  • 2. What makes the best whirlpool baths?

    As discussed at the top of this article - what you really want and what makes the best whirlpool baths are those that give a genuine hydrotherapy massage. This is the most beneficial reason for owning a whirlpool bath. Therefore the factors you need to consider are below.

    • Is it be noisy?
    • What type of jets are used and where are they placed?
    • Is there a safety cut off fitted?
    • Does the system full drain?
    • Are the controls waterproof

    The system should be powered by a high-flow whirlpool pump with anti vibration noise reducing technology - forcing water through a large number of ergonomically designed whirlpool jets, which are carefully positioned in a way to focus in on back, neck and shoulder areas. The suction through where the water is drawn, should have a childproof safety cut off system built in, to avoid accidents. The whirlpool system should also fully drain for hygienic purposes, as standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Sounds like a simple questions but the majority of whirlpool baths available are not fitted with waterproof controls, this means that water ingress will eventually ruin the control and potentially leak into the downstairs. Needless to say all our systems are fitted with fully waterproof controls.

  • 3. Whirlpool baths with or without a shower?

    We all know that is the one thing you can do in a bath, which you cant in a shower, is lay back and relax. Due to sizing restrictions sometimes to have a bath you have to fit a shower over it. Gone are the days when this is a compromise though. The range of shower baths we sell come in a range of sizes with the focus on both showering and bathing pleasure. The controls we fit on all our systems are waterproof so it doesnt matter if they get wet from an overhead shower. This is not a case for the majority of pneumatic controls out there. Our systems fully drain so should any water go into the system it will drain back out. The air spa systems we fit are mounted flush into the base of the bath so you can stand on them without any discomfort. The air spa jets we fit also feature a check valve meaning that any dirty shower water cannot drain into them, thus potentially spoiling your next bath spa experience.