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What whirlpool jets do you fit?

We fit 2 different types of jets to our systems; the lowest profile whirlpool jet in the world, the c-Lenda® and the Envirojet. Please read below and view the videos to understand the difference and what makes these superior to 'cheap imports' that most competitors fit.

  • c-Lenda® Flush Jets

    Fitted as standard to our Super Lux and Tranquility Pool systems. These are also an option on our Quantum systems. Here are a few reasons as to why the c-Lenda® jets are better than any other flush systems on the market.

    • The c-Lenda® system has removable jets for cleaning where as normal flush systems are sealed in and so can not be removed. This means any debris that may get caught is difficult to remove.
    • c-Lenda® have an engineered venturi design to give maximum jet turbulence, this is not true of regular flush systems which are manufactured to a low price point with minimal tooling costs.
    • The c-Lenda® jets are manufactured to have a 33mm rigid PVC supply to the mini jets, nearly every other system is feed by a 7mm bore so flow is greatly reduced in comparison.

  • Enviro V Jet

    Fitted as standard to our Quantum 14 jet systems. The reason we fit and why the Markon Enviro V jet is superior to other entry level (and above) jets of this type on the market is 2 fold.

    • The venturi action follows more closely the science behind the venturi action principles ie short compression inlet nozzle into an elongated annular skirt which entrains the air induction more effectively into the water jet therefore producing a more even conical massage. Other manufacturers use Hexagonal nozzel and jet head fixing points to reduce the number of componant parts and cost this in turn leads to a reduced and uneven venturi action and less affective massage.
    • The Markon EnviroJet is a self-draining jet which drains virtually all the water from the pipe work and jet assembly, dramatically reducing the chance of bacterial growth in unsanitary bath residue. The pipe work creates a series of air-locks between jets so that the water only enters the piping when the pump operates. This means that the pipes remain dry and clean for most of the time when the bath only is used and get wet only when the spa feature is used. ( other manufacturers do not have this unique feature) This coupled with the 15 degree drain slope of the heat formed rigid PVC (The latest HSE guidelines for spa pool construction recommends not to use flexible spirol type pipe for spas and whirlpool baths) piping, significantly minimises the ability for slime to form in the pipe work.

  • Want to discuss why our whirlpool jets are the best available?

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