Riho Linaires DE, 24 Jet Tranquility Whirlpool Bath


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Bath Features

  • The gold standard of baths, finished in a gloss white finish and ultra low profile lip. This bath offers a completely new bathing experience. The bath is modern but at the same time stylish and classical with super-clean finish..


  • 1900 x 900mm | H 570mm D 490mm | Cap. 350Ltr
  • 2000 x 900mm | H 570mm D 495mm | Cap. 380Ltr

  • Available as a 1900x900mm bath and formed from 5.5mm LUCITE acrylic sheet. This bath is covered with a 20 year guarantee and features a 18mm encapsulated baseboard with an extra reinforcement layer delivering the ultimate in strength, rigidity and heat retention. All this ensures a quality experience, which will surpass expectations.

    The 24 Jet Tranquility Whirlpool System

  • Covered with a full and comprehensive on site 5 year guarantee. The transcendent Tranquility Pool whirlpool system is as close as you will get to a luxury Spa break. Made up of 24x precisely located flush c-Lenda® mini jets. These clusters are made up of 20x directional compact jets featuring a powerful high air to water mix ratio plus 4x flushing spinning jets. These rotating hydrotherapy jets are positioned to give a pulsating massage for the neck, upper shoulders and feet. All the jets have a stainless steel surround and are also removable for cleaning should you require

  • What really distinguishes this system is the integral 4x speed power boost. This is independently controlled and operates by forcing warm currents of air through the jets. This forceful air and water mix causes the body to abandon itself to relaxation. There are 3x speeds plus massage mode to help the promotion of endorphins leaving you in a state of well-being.

  • The system is controlled via a touch sensitive glass electronic control, mounted on the inside face of the bath. This control operates all functions of the system, including whirlpool, power boost and chromo therapy. This beautiful piece of design further highlights the shear quality.

  • The Tranquility pool is supplied with 2x ultra bright chromotherapy LED's. These work in unison and can either be left to circulate through the spectrum, fixed to your preferred colour or set to one of the preprogrammed therapies, these include, Energy, Relax, Tonic and Sunrise .

  • The system is powered by a British made, high flow, energy efficient and low noise 660W pump. To ensure our systems are the most hygienic in the market, not only is the pump self-draining but also we only use the highest grade rigid pipe work ensuring complete draining and lasting quality.

  • The system also features a child proof Safe-Flow chrome suction filter. Unlike regular filters this has been designed with total safety in mind and contains a unique safety feature, which works by disengaging the water pressure within seconds of hair or body entrapment.

    Luxury Options

  • Luxury options include the addition of 16x air spa jets, countersunk into the base of the bath to give a completely flush smooth finish. These jets deliver powerful currents of preheated air gently aiding buoyancy, to promote a feeling of weightlessness. We also fit the system with a high flow flush fit diverter. Allowing you to tailor the intensity helping create a sedative effect on the nerve endings, reducing muscular pain and discomfort combatting knots and fatigue.

  • Other options include upgrading to the flush c-Lenda® body jets, these are a high performance mid sized jet with adjustable finger tip directional control.

  • Thermotherapy inline heater. This turns on when the system is switched on to keep the temperature of the water at its optimum for maximum well being.

  • Jet Fill when coupled with a valve it allows for the bath to be filled through the jets.

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