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Quality UK Steel Baths

If you are upgrading your bathroom or simply want to replace your tub, one of the most popular choices in the UK are steel baths. These long lasting tubs are ideal for family bathrooms thanks to their strength and resilience.

Most steel baths come with holes for taps and a plughole already pre-cut making it easy for you to choose your fixtures and get your new tub installed quickly and easily.


Features of Our Steel Baths

You may be wondering what the benefits of a steel tub are versus an acrylic tub, and what you should consider when deciding which style to take the plunge with.

Steel baths can make an ideal feature bath and tend to be the material of choice for stand alone baths- think claw footed tubs. However you will also find them in shapes similar to what acrylic tubs come in.

Features of our steel baths include:

  • Sturdy construction gives good stability for showering
  • Steel tubs won’t chip, scratch or discolour like acrylic or enamel versions
  • The non-porous nature of steel baths prevents bacteria and mould from growing
  • Steel warms up faster than acrylic for a better bathing experience
  • Steel retains heat better, keeping your water warmer for longer


A Wide Range to Choose From

Steel is a versatile material and as a result you will find tubs in a wide array of shapes and sizes. We especially love the look of gracious curves that fit perfectly with a corner shaped steel bath. If you have something more minimalist in mind then take a look at rectangular options that can be formed into perfectly straight and precise elegant lines. If you are looking for a bath for two, a double ended design with a centre drain is ideal for comfort.

If you are concerned about mobility and safety in the tub choose a design that features grab rails, you also have the option to add anti-slip design to the bottom of many steel bath models.    


Why Choose Luna Spas? 

Get advice from the experts when it comes to picking out the perfect tub for your bathroom. With a commitment to quality and long-lasting materials, your steel bath will be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

We also offer an unbeatable price match guarantee. Should you find the same product at a lower price we will match the price and give you a 5% discount on your next purchase from us. Find out more here.


Order Online Quickly & Easily 

Our friendly customer service team is waiting to help you choose the ideal steel bath.

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